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Reason for Development

With the existing exporting to excel feature,  the hyperlinks are not exported. The users have to go back to the CRM WebUI to the same point every time they'd like to access the details of the data object.



With the development of this future, the hyperlinks are now exported to Excel. This allows the user to directly access an object by clicking on the hyperlink available in the Excel.

This feature was introduced via SAP Note 2385092 - Direct URL links in Export to Spreadsheet for Excel .

And it is included in the following service packs:

WEBUI 731 SP19

WEBUI 747 SP14

WEBUI 748 SP06


For hyperlinks to exported, the following requirements are needed:

  • The access to Clipboard is required.

To enable this in IE, navigate to the Security tab in Settings, click on the "Custom level..." button, under "Scripting" set "Allow Programmatic clipboard access"  to Enabled.

  • ActiveX Controls is required.

So it will only work in Internet Explorer and not in other browsers (such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome).

  • The objects can be opened in new tab/window. Check that Note 2135300 is implemented and 'LINK_CONTEXT_MENU' = TRUE is set in Business Role Profile.

Testing this feature

To test this feature, please follow these steps

1.Log on the CRM WebUI with business role SALESPRO

2.Go to the Account Management work center and click Accounts under Search, perform a search to return some records

3.Click the Export to Spreadsheet button in the result list view

4.The records are exported to the excel and the hyperlinks are also exported. It is possible to click on the hyperlink in the Excel to open the account directly.


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