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A how to document for defining skins for IC and Web Client UI related business roles.


This document will provide step by step details concerning the creation of skins for IC and Web Client UI related business roles.

Skins overview

  1. Skins are used to adjust the visual layout of the Web client UI. The skins are usually in place to customize the UI layout to conform to the Customers brand. This incorporates the custom logos and colors that represent the company’s image.
  2. There are currently as of EHP3 7 types of default skins to select from, Default, High contrast, Signature, Serenity, New Hope, Nova and CORBU. Which can be accessed from the Web client UI or the SAP GUI. The selection of the skins can be found in the following locations.
    1. CRM 2007
      1. SAP GUI - To manipulate the default skins Tcode se80 ->BSP application -> THTMLB_STYLES -> MIMES -> sap_skins as seen in image “A” below. The skins work bench was not available in this version.  Therefore to modify or copy skins were performed in Tx se80. All available skins are stored in table CRMC_THTMLB_SKIN seen in image “B” below.

        Image A (Tcode se80 ->BSP application -> THTMLB_STYLES -> MIMES -> sap_skins)

        Image B (table CRMC_THTMLB_SKIN)
      2. WEB UI -> to set a skin as your default, navigate to personalize -> personalize layout and select the skin required shown in image C below.

        Image C (personalize -> personalize layout)
    2. CRM 700
      1. i) SAP GUI – To access the standard skins navigate to the following location: SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> UI framework definition -> Skins -> access Skin Workbench seen below in image “D”.

        Image D (skin work bench CRM 7 no enhancement pack)

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