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Easy Access to Must Knows

Following table provides you an easy access to documentation related across different locations for the different processes and general information. The SAP CRM Interaction Center combines separate processes within the context of a single process flow or "interaction" (blog by Carsten Busch):

  • communication process (optional, if using CTI or multi-channel integration,
  • interaction process itself (mandatory, always)
  • business transaction process (optional, as required).

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 Further Information

Session management


In CRM IC Webclient, at least two application sessions get created in the background (SM04), the agent and the communication session.

Those sessions should be closed on logoff and timeout.

  • Mandatory business role customizing KBA 1836437  
  • Overview on session parameters: SAP Note 1597836:
  • Backend session parameters: SAP Note 1427190

If "End session immediately" in technical profile is not set, sessions are not closed properly.

KBA 1866327

Data is re-used across sessions: Autosave needs to be disabled SAP Note 2217626




Allows agents to work in up to 6
CRM IC session tabs in one browser window. Advantage: system can control all sessions.

An agent can open up to 5 manual sessions, 1 additional session is reserved for incoming communication.

Opening a session in new window is not possible in CRM IC.

  • Add "New Session" Button to the tool bar (KBA 2093494)
  • SAP Note 1628185     : maximum number of sessions on the CRM IC front end

KBA 1945312

Multisessioning - SAP Library



A popup should be displayed on timeout after RDISP/PLUGIN_AUTO_LOGOUT - 120 seconds - SESS_TIMEOUT_POPUP seconds and is visible for SESS_TIMEOUT_POPUP seconds. If the timeout is not cancelled,

  • an END event is triggered to save all changed business objects
  • Logoff is sent to CTI via ICI to inform CMS about state of the user
  • All sessions are closed in the backend

SAP Notes 2204431 & 2221017  harmonize the layout of the popup of non IC roles and

  • Summary of other root causes for timeout: KBA 1757252 
  • Problems with http security session management when working in different browser windows (>IE7):   SAP Notes 2204431 & 2221017   

Browser dependency

CRM IC is not supported in all browsers, read additional information in Product Availibilty Matrix (S-User required)


Product Availibility Matrix
 IE11: KBA 2097237SCN blog How to find out which WebBrowsers are supported

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It supports various channels like telephony, E-Mail (ICI & ERMS Push), Chat, Business Process Push by integrating a Communication Management Software (CMS) via Integrated Communication Interface (ICI) with SAP CRM IC.

With business function CRM_IC_CEBP, a CMS can be integrated with business roles of type C as well.

The Communication Management Software needs to be certified for the channel which should be used (ICI)

Function Profile IDs:

  • WBAR

In the context area profile either polling or ABAP push channel needs to be used, so that the server can inform the browser about incoming communications.

User parameter CRM_ICI_TRACELEVEL allows to trace the communication between Communication Management Software and CRM Server and between agent and communication sessions
Basic Functions: CMS - SAP Library
IC Specific: CMS - SAP Library

Communcation Processes and their Integration with the SAP CRM IC (Henning Duerholt)


The CTI provider needs to be certified for ICI CTI.

see abovesee aboveSCN Blog What is Computer Telephony Integration (John Burton)



There are different options for E-Mail in IC

  • ICI E-Mail (not supported with Multisessioning) - Communication Management Software
    needs to be certified for E-Mail (ICI Mail)
  • ERMS Push
  • Pull E-Mails using Workflows
    • ERMS: WS00200001
    • Agent Inbox WS14000164

One2One E-Mail (BT126H_MAIL) should not be used in CRM IC

Function Profile IDs:

  • INBOX (for E-Mail Pull)
  • Communication channel related function profile IDs (for ICI, ERMS push) - see CRM-IC-CHA

E-Mail Provider has to be maintained in the E-Mail profile

  • Push: ICI
  • Pull: Agent Inbox

E-Mail Pull: inbox item INT needs to be assigned to the inbox profile

ERMS push: add rules to the rule policy assigned to service manager profile (property of service RE_RULE_EXEC)

Outgoing E-Mail addresses (FROM): KBA 1850438

Default font and size: KBA 1961256

E-Mail Provider=Inbox (Workflow):
  • 2086590 Problems rendering HTML content of inbound E-Mails
  • 1846041 How to analyze why an ERMS inbound E-Mail is not found in the agent inbox  
  • 2086866 Problems with invalid E-Mail addresses (address check)


ERMS Workflow Setup - SAP Library
Inbox Workflow Setup - SAP Library


How to Set up E-Mail Threading (Wiki)


Is based on ICI. The CTI provider needs to be certified for ICI chat.
Process incoming chat messages

Function Profile IDs:

  • CHAT
  • Communication channel related function profile IDs, see CRM-IC-CHA
Chat - SAP Library

and Letter

Interaction center (IC) agents can create, edit, and receive fax messages and letters in the interaction center.

Depending on how you have configured your system, IC agents can use either an internal HTML editor or an external Microsoft Word editor to process faxes and letters.

FAQ Note 894493 
Fax and Letter - SAP Library
ArchiveLink - SAP Library

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Interaction Record
Everything you need to know about the Interaction Record in the CRM Interaction Center ( Blog from Gert Tackaert 

Activity Clipboard
Tracking Customer Interactions, a New Feature and  “End is your friend” (Blog from Sigrid Wieshofer)SAP Note 2039600 Display activity clipboard in the L-Shape SAP Note 2142205
Account Identification
Agent Inbox
  2267251 CRM IC: Problems when searching work items (inbound E-Mails) 
Context Area

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IC specific views, integration of UIU views


Since CRM 7.0 it is possible to integration UIU views, so that CRM Webclient users can use the same view in CRM IC as well.

Specific configurations (role key DEFAULT_IC) have been designed for use in IC WebClient business roles (e.g. tiled layout).

For information which UIU views can be integrated in CRM IC, see SAP Note 1408382

Add or activate the UIU work centers you want to use in your CRM IC business role.

To take advantage of the IC design for a business role using your own role key, copy

Which application component should be used: KBA 1823428
Application Help - IC Specific Views

Blog "Understanding the Behavior of CRM UIU Views in IC"


UI behavior

  • In CRM IC, there is no data loss popup shown on navigation. All data is kept in the buffer and is automatically saved on pressing END button. 
  • The business transaction is kept in edit mode on saving.
  • A central edit button is used.

It is important that users get trained that different to other CRM roles, in CRM IC the data is kept in a buffer and must not be saved. This saves time for the IC agents.

Users should understand that END is their friend.


SAP Note 2142205



When creating a business transaction in CRM IC,

  • a customer interaction gets started and an interaction record gets created
  • based on customizing, the business transaction gets linked to activity clipboard of the current interaction record if it is a dependent business transaction  
KBA 1770103 How to ensure that a business transaction is offered for creation in CRM IC   

When editing a business transaction in CRM IC, based on customizing

  • the account get confirmed
  • no interaction record gets created
  • employee responsible is set to the business partner assigned
    to the current user
  • needs to be finished pressing the END button.
KBA 1831467 Confirmed business partner(s) not published in the context area when editing   

Partner Determination

The confirmed business partners are automatically added to the business transaction based on customizing. KBA 1847536 How to ensure that the confirmed business partners are added as partner to a newly created business transaction   
Follow Up  KBA 1781481 How to ensure that an transaction type is offered as follow up transaction   

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Intent Driven Interactions

IC Managers can defined actions which are triggered for the agents based on events triggered by agents if specific conditions are fulfilled. These actions are defined in the repostiory for CONTEXT ICRULE (transaction CRMC_ERMS_RESPOSITORY). Examples are alerts, navigation to work center, launching of scripts, setting priority, ...

So IC agents are guided through a customer interaction,

Additional Events can be defined in transaction CRMC_IC_EVENT_REP for application CRM_IC_EVENT

IC Manager role:

  • Create rule policies in the Rule Modeler for context ICRule. The rule policies are assigned to a busienss role for which the rules should be considered.

IC Agent:

  • Function Profile ID:
2067835 Logging Rule Evaluation for Event Driven Interactions


  • Predefined information is presented to
    the IC Agent in the IC Header.
  • Based on Intent Driven Interactions:

    Triggered by events (e.g. BPConfirmed) and shown if conditions defined in the rule policy are fulfilled
  • Technically either polling,
    user-triggered alerts, or ABAP push
    channel can be used to show alerts
    to the agent


IC Manager role:

  • Create alerts
  • Create rules to trigger alert,

IC Agent:

  • Function Profile ID:
    • CONTEXTAREA (Polling, ABAP Push)
    • IC_ALT_MODE (user triggered alerts)


 SAP Note 1330726

Creating Alerts - SAP Library
Interactive Scripts

IC Agent can be guided through customer interactions by predefined scripts

Scripts transcript can be saved and linked to the interaction record

 IC Manager role:

  • Create scripts using the Script Editor, an Java Applet
  • JRE is required: SAP Note 717921
  • Specific Java settings are required...
  • SICF Service needs to be active: ISE (/default_host/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ic_ise/editor)

IC Agent:

  • Function Profile ID: SCRIPT 

SCN Wikis

Problems with Webdispatcher: KBA 1667871
Interactive Scripting - SAP Library
Broadcast Messaging
IC Managers can send real time to agentsWith SAP CRM EHP 3 SP3 a new component is available to send broadcast messages: CRMCMP_IC_BM (SAP Note 1931727)"Please wait while fetching..." KBA 1981923
Broadcast Messages - SAP Library

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Customer Interaction Process with E-Mail

Click on following image map to easily navigate to SAP Library - CRM 7.0 EHP3 pages and related KBAs.

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