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Avoid duplicate keys while loading a trade promotion, avoid inconsistencies log entries from the database


The error is raised when trying to access the trade promotion

Steps to reproduce the error:

Search for a trade promotion, the following dump error appear


An exception occurred during request processing. This was handled

centrally. It changed the program flow and the result of the request

probably contains errors.


Contact your system administrator.

Procedure for System Administration

Activate checkpoint group BSP_WD_EXCEPTION_DISPLAY. To do this, use

transaction SAAB. If the error recurs, further details are displayed.

Exception Details

CX_CRM_MKTGS_DUPLICATE_KEY - A duplicate key error occurred for key



Source Text Row: 26


1.  Launch the transaction "Application log: Delete

    Expired Logs" (transaction code SLG2)

 2. In the parameters block "Expiry date", select the second

   option: "and logs which can be deleted before the expiry


 3. In the parameters block "Selection conditions", select the

   following parameters:

   - Object: CRM_MKT

   - Subobject: TPM


   - Problem class: 4

 4. In the parameters block "Options" , select "Generate list"

5. Execute the report. This will be displayed a list of

   application logs. With the given parameters, only one entry

   should be returned. To make sure the right log is returned,

   you may select the line and press the "Display logs" button.

 6. Now you need to delete the log. Select the log entry, and

   press "Delete logs".

 7. A confirmation popup will let you know the log was deleted.

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