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The export to spreadsheet is a functionality for the configurable tables and trees. Clicking on the icon leads either to an XML export which can be interpreted by Microsoft Office Excel or to a CSV file, which can be opened by nearly every spreadsheet.

The backend is requested first to create an XML template (if XML export is possible). If this is not the case (because Excel has the wrong version or edition or because ActiveX is not allowed to do what it wants to do) the CSV export is requested from the backend.

Requirement for XML export

  • You need to have Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or newer

  • The edition must be Professional (you can check the edition in the About box of Excel in the second text line)

  • You have to use the Internet Explorer

  • ActiveX must be allowed

  • The IE security setting "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting" set to "Enable" (or at least "Prompt")


To authorize the export to spreadsheet, you can use authorization object S_GUI in SAP GUI. This authorization object is assigned to the authorization role SAP_CRM_UIU_FRAMEWORK, which is delivered in the SAP standard system.

You can disable the export to spreadsheet for individual users by removing the authorization object. You can also disable the authorization for the export to spreadsheet on business role level in Customizing.

To use this function, you must activate the business function UI_FRW_1 in SFW5.

How to hide the button "Export to Spreadsheet"

  • To hide the button "Export to Spreadsheet" for a search result list, for example the Sales Order search result list
    Enhance the component and view BT115S_SLSO/SlsOrdSR using the component workbench, and add the following code for <chtmlb:configTable> in the SlsOrdSR.htm file: downloadToExcel  = "FALSE".

  • To hide the button "Export to Spreadsheet" for an assignment block, for example the Parties Involved assignement block of sales order details
    Enhance the component and view BTPARTNER/Partner using the component workbentch, and add the following code for <thtmlb:areaFrameSetter> in the Partner.htm file:  noExcelDownloadButton = "TRUE".

  • You can also switch off the complete exporting functionality on role level by adding the parameter EXPORT_DISABLE to a technical profile for a role (see note 1288220 and KBA 1894268).

Common issues

  1. Performance issue

    The export to spreadsheet functionality was designed and meant for typical use cases of exporting adequately small amounts of data in result list, which in the majority of use cases is around tens or hundreds of result lines(see note 1553152).

  2. Working in standalone but not with Webdispatcher or Load Balancer

    By default, this URL is generated as absolute path. It works for simplified scenario like standalone CRM WebClient UI. For more complex setup (portal integration, reverse proxy etc.) this absolute URL cannot be maintained.
    Please maintain manually table HTTPURLLOC in tcode se16 but this approach requires detailed knowledge for the network (see KBA 1667871). You should fill up table HTTPURLLOC for CRM backend system, based on the proxy, scenario, protocol etc. Alternatively you could also add user parameter 'WCF_EXPORT_RELATIVE' with value "X” in SU3 profile (see note 1697117).

  3. Custom fields are not exported to spreadsheet

    This is standard behavior. The functionality only exports the data located in the BOL and dynamic objects cannot be part of the export.

  4. After remove columns from the table and then export the data, the removed columns are stilling showing on the spreadsheet.

    Please check note 2119667 - Excel export with table personalizations


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