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Reason for Development

With the existing paging feature, the pager is located at the complete bottom of the table. When using tables with a large number of records, the user has to scroll down in order to reach the pager and navigate to another page of table records. This is not convenient.


With the development of this future, the pager will float on the table and a floating pager will be displayed as long as the table is in the viewport. 

This feature was introduced via SAP Note 2268797 - Floating Pager for the Table. 

And it is included in the following service packs:




Enabling the floating pager

The floating pager is disabled by default.  To enable it, please follow these steps.

1.Run transaction spers_maint

2.Select the System radio button

3.Click Edit Objects (F2) button

4.Double click the entry Table Floating Pager Personalization WCF_TABLE_PERS_FLOAT_PAGER

5.Set the value of Enable Floating Pager Personalization to X

6.Save your changes.

Testing this feature

To test this feature, please follow these steps

1.Log on the CRM WebUI with business role SALESPRO

2.Go to the Sales Cycle work center and click Sales Order under Search, perform a search to return a large number of records

3.Click the Personalize button for the Result List view, for table navigation select Paging and set the Number of Rows Before Paging as 20, for example.

4.Go back to the Sales Order search screen

5.While scrolling the table, a floating pager will be displayed at the bottom of the table

Most Common Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues

Issue: Javascript errors: "Unable to get property 'value' of undefined or null reference".  In some cases, fake scrolling does not work.

Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2276008 - Javascript errors introduced by the floating pager


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