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Groupware profiles determine the synchronization settings that are valid for a set of users, based on their SAP CRM business role, country and language. This page explains the necessary information on profiles.


A groupware profile is group of predefined settings made by the administrator, with information about whether each setting is a default setting only or can be changed by the business user.

GWI Profile defines a set of parameters  and values for each of those parameters, using which user can define and configure the synchronization between CRM Sever and the Mail Client.

Initial Profile Download

A groupware profile is downloaded for the first time when a business user clicks Edit Synchronization Settings in the SAP CRM WebClient UI on the Personalize page for the first time (or the first time after an upgrade). You select your language in a dialog box and once the profile has been downloaded, the Synchronization Settings window appears.


The aspects of groupware profiles for administrators

Administrators define groupware profiles in SAP GUI transaction GWIPROFILE.

This transaction is also available in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, under CRM Middleware and Related Components -> Client-Based Groupware Integration -> Create and Define Settings for Client Profiles.
Each profile must be assigned to a business role (the country and language fields can be left blank). The combination of business role, country, and language must be unique.

When a profile is changed it needs to be activated for the changes to apply. Groupware profiles have versions. If a profile is changed, the profile settings are updated to the groupware client during the next synchronization.  

Prerequisites for Profile Determination for a User

The CRM user must be assigned to a business partner of the type Employee in organizational management (transaction PPOMA_CRM).

The CRM user must have an association with a valid CRM business role in organizational management (transaction PPOMA_CRM). The role must have one of the following profile types:

  • No Classification 
  • IC WebClient Business Role
  • CRM WebClient Business Role

A business role for groupware integration is assigned to the CRM user (to ensure that the correct groupware profile is determined in case multiple roles are assigned to the user in the organizational model).

Administrators can assign roles in transaction SU01. On the Parameters tab, create the parameter CRM_GWI_PROFILEwith the parameter value set as the business role that should be used to determine the profile for the user.  

Profile Determination Parameters  

The profile to be downloaded for a user is determined according to the combination of the following parameters: • The SAP CRM business role assigned to the user.
• The country defined in the business partner master data for the user.
• The language selected by the user for profile download.
Determination of Groupware Profiles when Country and/or Language are Blank
Profile parameters are considered in the following sequence during profile determination and download for a given business role:

1. Country = <value> and Language = <value>

2. Country = <value> and Language = < blank>

3. Country = < blank> and Language = <value>

4. Country = <blank> and Language = < blank>

5. OtherwiseSAP_DEFAULT profile is downloaded.  

Default Groupware Profile

If no groupware profile is mapped to a particular country-language combination then the SAP_DEFAULT profile is downloaded. This profile is delivered by SAP and cannot be modified. Determination of Languages Available in Language Selection Dialog Box The languages available in the synchronization settings and in the language selection dialog box are determined by the value for the parameter GWIPROFILELANGUAGE, which you can enter in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, under CRM Middleware and Related Components Client-Based Groupware Integration Settings for Client-Based Synchronization.

Whether or not the language is modifiable in the groupware options is determined by the groupware profile parameter LanguageModifiable (value 1 for modifiable, value 0 for non-modifiable).

Determination of Profiles in Languages Other than English and German

To download a profile in a language other than German or English, users must be assigned a language and country in a system table T005T, otherwise the correct profile is not downloaded. This table entry is necessary even if there is a profile available for the combination of language specified for the profile download and country. This is shown in the example cases below. SAP CRM obtains from table
T005T the country assignment that it uses to determine the correct profile. This is a customizing table with entries only in English and German. So when the user selects Italian as the language for the profile download there is no result corresponding to the Italian language and therefore the country information for the profile determination is empty.

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