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Reason for Development

Users typically have multiple sessions going on and there is a need to correctly identify which environment the user is currently on. There had been instances where the users were using the wrong environment to enter data.

There also had been instances when the user was processing a real customer transaction but entered the information on a Test environment.


Having the system ID and client (for both CRM and ECC) prominently displayed on the WebUI will greatly enhance its usability for the users.


The user will have the option to display in the header the information related to the system such as the system name, the ERP system to which the CRM is connected to and the name of the user.

This feature was introduced via SAP Note 2139001 - Header System Information and is available for SAP WEBCUIF 7.0 EhP2 and EhP3 only.

If you wish to have this feature in your system, please ensure that the following SAP Notes are implemented in your system.


2139001 - Header System Information

2153367 - Header System Information: Hide on overflow

2172195 - Header System Information: Complements note 2139001  


Once the above SAP Notes are installed, the user can turn on the feature for your Business Role by adding the parameter HEADER_SYS_INFO to the "PARAMETERS" Function Profile.

The parameter HEADER_SYS_INFO can take two different values:

 •ALL: welcome text and system information will be displayed:


•NAME_ONLY: only the welcome text will be displayed

Most Common Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues:


  • Issue: After implementation of SAP Note 2139001, the value of ECC system is still not displayed in the header.

     Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2198953 - Header System Information: The ECC destination host name was read from obsolete function module.


  • Issue: Users reported that they do have the DEBUG authorization in S_DEVELOP, but still were not able to display the system information in the header or Users with no debug authorization cannot view the header system information.

    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2209585 - Header System Information: Remove Debug Authorization.


  • Issue: You are using CRM WebClient UI with Blue Crystal Skin and the HEADER_SYS_INFO parameter has been added with NAME_ONLY value. Then you can observe that the 'Welcome' message is misaligned in the header area.

    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2273866 - Header System information improvement for Blue Crystal Skin.

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

2167637 - ECC value not displaying after implementing note 2139001

2187137 - ATC checks: variable sy-uname mistakenly overwritten


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