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Business Case

You want to have Single Sign-On to the SAP CRM Web UI without the need of a SAP NetWeaver Java Stack.




After you've applied the Note 1467488 you should create a new variant following steps below:

1.Run T-code SE38 and input "BSP_WD_APPL_STARTER" in the program field.

2.Click Variants on the page to get in to view "ABAP: Variants-Initial Screen".

3.In Variant field, select a standard variant like "SAP&CRMUI" and Click on "Copy" or press "F8".

4.Input a target Variant name starting with "Z" and confirm copy.

5.Input the new created Variant name and click on "Change".

6.Make sure Single sign-on is checked as below and save this new variant.

Then create a copy of transaction CRM_UI or modify CRM_UI using T-code SE93 to point to the just saved Variant:

Make sure that the Default value "D_SREPOVARI-VARIANT" under "Default Value" part is maintained with the Variant name just created.

Try out the modified or created transaction. You should be taken to the CRM WebUI without the need to provide a password.


It's also possible to directly access the WebUI without the need to start SAP logon.

To apply this, you can create a SAP Shortcut File. Start i.e. SE80 and click on the SAP Shortcut Iconand modify the settings according to following screenshot:

If you want to distribute this file to different users or provide it as a link in your intranet you have to edit the textfile and remove the line  "Name=USERNAME" and save it.

Further information: KBA 2366776 - SAP CRM WebUI: Transaction WUI_SSO (Single Sign-On) or SM_CRM runs only in Internet Explorer 


  1. Great! It's working well.

    But it opens a SAPGUI window and I do not know how to get rid off automatically.

     Regards. Carsten

  2. Hi Carsten,

    you can write a wrapper report around the transaction and put the command:


    after the call transaction.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Gregor,

    thanks for the hint. We did so: AND IT's WORKING PERFECT.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best Regards, Carsten

  4. Hi Gregor,

    it's working - but there's another "wish". How to start this automatically with HTTPS (not HTTP)?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Carsten,

     I've opened an OSS Message requesting this feature. Perhaps you or your customer can do that too. Perhaps we get it into standard.

    Best regards

  6. Unknown User (101uihbsj)

    Hi Gregor,

    thank you for the description - this works good.

     Some of our users are assigned to  more than one businessrole. Do you have an idea how to create a shortcut using this single sign on and also including a businessrole?

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  7. Hi Manfred,

    I've added that request to my OSS Message (Which is still waiting to be processed). But what we also can do is create our own Report which does implement all that features and publish it on SAP CodeExchange.


  8. Hi Gregor,

    Good news! Do you already have a note-number for this?



  9. I've posted the SMP Issue with prio low on October 18th 2010 and it isn't even in processing (sad).

  10. Thanks, Gregor ... Then ... we will sit and wait.

    I was wondering if there may be another possibilty to do SSO with this CRM_UI_START or CRM_LOGON.

    But it seems, that it is not possible to do SSO with this ... right?



  11. I didn't get your point here. SSO is enabled by applying Note 1467488 - Start WebClient UI with user credentials of SAP GUI. If you don't have a Windows based environment another SSO option is the NetWeaver Java Stack where you can enable Kerberos Authentication.

    If that does not answer your question please provide more details.

  12. Unknown User (wxgfetb)

    Hi Gregor,

    Thanks for the steps,its really helpful and easy to implement.In my application we are currently launchin CRM through EP(Enterprise portal)

    But now we want to launch it directly from WebUI using SSO,which is working fine as per the steps given above,provided I have installed the required client  in my sysem i.e. say CRD 200 in my case.But when we take this to live for end users,we cannot install the client seperately for each user..since our application is accessed across the globe by over 10,000 users.

    Is there any way to have this server in a centralised location to enable SSO,without asking the enduser community to install  the CRM client in their machines...



  13. Hi Anu,

    for such a large user base I think your current solution with the portal is the right way. If you have the problem that the Portal frame is around the CRM UI try the SSO solution described in the BlogSingle Sign On to BSP pages from Duet's Action Pane. Distributing the SAP GUI to all users make only sense if they have to use it also for other SAP Business Suite applications like ERP. But if you have a Citrix Terminal Server that could be also a possible solution.

    Best regards

  14. Unknown User (wxgfetb)

    hi gregor,

    thanks for your response,I have a doubt related to removing the SAPGUI window.Though the window doesnt launch there any way to  remove the SAPLOGON PAD that is also launching auotmatically along with the UI.

    Also how do I create a link from this shortcut file to be used as  a link to intranet



  15. Hi Charsten,

    regarding your question if HTTPS (SSL) can also be an option I've made a strange observation. First I've set the HTTPS Option for the default.htm page of BSP Application crm_ui_start. That caused the CRM Web UI to use SSL only. But I've traced the network and discovered that regardless of this setting the /sap/public/myssocntl Service was still accessed using HTTP. In the report BSP_WD_APPL_STARTER the SSO option calls the method ENABLE_SAPSSO of class CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER. I've set a breakpoint at the call of cl_http_server=>get_location but when I did a single step debugging into this call I was forwarded to the function module TH_GET_VIRT_HOST_DATA. I would like to ask if you also face this behaviour.

    Best regards

  16. Hello Gregor,

    works fine so far, thanks for this solution!
    One question: if i lunch the WebUI with the report BSP_WD_APPL_STARTER, the url used is "" (which is the real server name).
    We defined a DNS alias "sapcrt", which is also set in the parameter icm/host_name_full =

    How can i teach BSP_WD_APPL_STARTER to use the host of icm/host_name_full?

    Best regards

  17. Former Member

    Thanks. Working perfect.

  18. Former Member

    Hi all,

    is there any update regarding starting the CRM Web UI over https using report BSP_WD_APPL_STARTER? I could not find anything...

    Best regards,

  19. For the Solution manager users, please use transaction SM_CRM, instead of CRM_UI.  That one has the solution above already in place.