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Alternative to this  solution check out Welcome User Message in Web Ui.

Info and Preview

Step by Step + Screenshots following SDN Thread:
+ Added Link to SDN WebUi Forum
+ Color and title tag for the <span>

1. Open Transaction BSP_WD_CMPWD

2. Open component CRMCMP_NAVBAR

3. Select Picture View (CRMCMP_NAVBAR/Picture) and Double-click to see the details on the right side.

4. Open the HTM File (Double-click on Picture.htm)

5. Insert the following Code...

<p><%= sy-uname %> - <%= sy-sysid %> - <%= sy-mandt %></p> displayed in this Screenshot. (Line 19; inside the first <div>)

6. Activate and Restart WebUI

7. This is how it will look like in Signature...

...and Serenity Layout.


Additional Stuff and Troubleshooting:

- You can play around with colors and positions.

- You can play around with special cases - Example: show "bold red color" in Productive System. etc...

Use this Demo Code...

DATA: lv_mytext type string.
if sy-uname = 'TESTU'"Select here if the Text should only be visible for some users...
  CASE sy-sysid.
    WHEN 'DEV'"Dev
      '<span style="background-color: yellow; color: black;" title="'
      sy-uname '-' sy-sysid '-' sy-mandt '-' sy-uzeit
      '<a href=""  target="_new">'
      sy-uname ' - ' sy-uzeit 
*   '<br>' 
      into lv_mytext.
*    WHEN 'TST'. "Test
*      '<span style="background-color: green; color: yellow;" title="'
*    WHEN 'PRD'. "Prod
*      '<span style="background-color: red; color: yellow;" title="'
***Other Style Options: (Span)
*  color:brown;
*  font-weight:900;
*  font-size:100%;
*  font-family:sans-serif;
*  background-color: #ffff00;
*  title = "This is the tool tip box"  
<%= lv_mytext %>
<div class="th-l-closeSlider th-displayNone" id="th-l-closeSlider"> ß ORIGINAL Line

...for different colors in DEV / TEST / PROD System. There is also additional Space for Sy-Variables in the Tooltip and

>>THE KILLER FEATURE<<:  A direct Link to SAP CRM WebUi Forum Search... You have to add the code like described in (5).

- In Serenity there is a problem with the collapse Navbar since we are influencing the <p> tag

- If you can't see the new Texts - check the position of your coding in (5) and follow (6).

- If your breakpoint is not working - check that you have used an external breakpoint and try to choose another (Standard) Layout.

Note From Carsten Kasper in the original Thread:

- You can modify the .htm page without any hassles, but be aware that your changes might be overwritten with the next service pack.

Have Fun...


  1. Former Member

    not sure if related to EhP1 or having copied to skins to put in custom logo's and changing the mountion & butterfly pics, but the name, id, and client will print on 3 separate lines just to the right of the mountain gif.  I  could remove the - to keep on the same line but is still to the upper right of the mountain logo.  Signature is ok since there is no logo.

    <p><%= sy-uname %> - <%= sy-sysid %> - <%= sy-mandt %></p>

    to this to keep on the same line
    <p><%= sy-uname %><%= sy-sysid %><%= sy-mandt %></p>

  2. Former Member

    HI Gregor,


    thanks for his wiki. I would like to add the used business role to this line. Do you have an idea?

    Do you know a way to implement this without using a modification?


    Thanks in advance christina

    1. Dear Christina,

      I think this Thread can be helpful for your requirement:Getting current user's business role

      Best regards

  3. Former Member

    hello all,


    I had inserted the statement <p><%= sy-uname %> <%= sy-sysid %> <%= sy-mandt %></p> between line 1 and 2. As a result the information are shown over the picture so there is no problem.

    Best regards Christina