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Applies to:

CRM 6.0/7.0


For reasons ranging from aesthetics rooted in visual design, interactivity in Web 2.0 driven user interface to low-resolution monitors, there is a requirement to get control over the display of navigation bar panel. This wiki addresses this requirement to hide/minimize the navigation bar panel in the CRM Web UI.


Company: Yash Technologies
Created on: 02 Sept, 2010
Author(s) Bio
Amarnath K is a Senior SAP Consultant with expertise in CRM WebUI, CRM ACE and ABAP.

Table of Contents

Steps to Hide/Minimize the Navigation Bar Panel in CRM Web UI

1) Enhance component 'CRMCMP_NAVBAR' using BSP_WD_CMPWB. For help on enhancing components/views refer Wiki and Blog section for articles like this.

2) Enhance view 'Picture'

3) Edit page 'Picture.htm' to make sure variable 'lv_navbar_state' equals 'HIDDEN' the first time this view is loaded.

Final outcome

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Hiding/Minimizing the Navigation Bar panel by enhancing CRMCMP_NAVBAR