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SAP CRM Web UI has a limitation and because of this sometimes even the standard UI component gets deleted which can be avoided.


Harshit Kumar

Company: Accenture     
Created on:    6th August 2010
Author Bio

Harshit Kumar is working on SAP CRM Implementations.

Novice consultants are in dilemma whether to click on "Yes" or "No" button when deleting UI enhancement from the Component Workbench. Once in a while under such situation they tend to delete the standard UI Component unknowingly and then come the famous question why SAP let the user delete the standard UI Component? (grey lightbulb)

Steps to Delete the Standard UI Component - Delete UI Component at your own risk though(smile)

Enhance a UI Component Eg: BT111H_OPPT


Provide Enhancement Set


Provide BSP Application name - Here comes the googly! Lot of fresh minds tends to provide the same name as that of the UI Component to this. This confuses the framework to an extent.



Delete the UI Enhancement - Go to Component workbench and get to this enhanced Component.


There will be an option of deleting UI Enhancement. Click and proceed. This will raise confirmation pop up asking for deletion of the BSP application. Click on "Yes" and that's it! You have just deleted the standard UI Component BT111H_OPPT. Congratulation!!! (thumbs up)

Now without the help of BASIS team you will not be able to get this Component back.(tongue) Your life has just taken a paradigm shift(sad) . Well this situation could have been avoided. (lightbulb)

How to avoid this situation? 

  • While giving the BSP application Name during enhancement ensure that you Prefix Z or any other naming convention to the Standard Component.


  • When deleting under such conditions do not proceed with the component workbench deletion, instead remove it from the View Cluster 'BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT'.



Simpler Option - Apply SAP Note 1459912 before any kind of development takes Place.(tick)