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This KBA includes detailed steps on how to change field label in View Configuration on both CRM WebClient UI and Component Workbench.


  • Prerequisites: Using F2 to get the information of the current configuration in use.
  1. Logon to CRM WebClient UI with your business role, in this example, it's SALESPRO.
  2. Navigate to the view where you'd like to change the field label, in this example, it's Sales Order Details(BT115H_SLSO/Details).
  3. Move the cursor on a field in this view, and press F2 on the keyboard.
  4. Now you will see the Technical Data of the view. And from the Configuration part, you will find the current using configuration. In this example, it's as following
    1. Role Key (Found): <DEFAULT>
      Comp. Usage (Found): <DEFAULT>
      Object Type (Found): <DEFAULT>
      Subobject Type (Found): <DEFAULT>

  • To change Field lable in view configuration on CRM WebClient UI, please follow the steps below:
  1. On CRM WebClient, Go to Personalization->Personalization Settings, from the personalization popup, in section Configuration Mode, check the parameter Enable Configuration Mode.

  2. Then go back to the view you'd like to configure, you will find there will be an option as "Show Configuration Areas" on upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the "Show Configuration Areas" button, then click on the View which you'd like to configure. The View Configuration popup will be shown.
  4. Click on the field where you'd like to change the label, in this example, it's to change field "Status". Then Click on "Show Field Properties".
  5. Input the new value of this field in "Field Label" field, then click on Apply. The field label is changed immediately and can be verified in this View Configuration page.
  6. Save the configuration(A valid Customizing transport request should be selected) and go back to the original page to verify the change. The field label is changed correctly.
  • To change Field Lable in Component Workbench. It is similar as the process done on CRM WebClient UI.
  1. Logon SAP GUI and run T-code BSP_WD_CMPWB, input the component of view(Make sure the corresponding Enhancement Set is used) and display. Then select the view to be configured, in this example, it's BT115H_SLSO/Details, and go to Configuration table.
  2. Choose the configuration that used for the view(The same as getting from Technical Data by pressing F2 on CRM WebClient UI).
  3. Click on Edit, and input the corresponding Customizing Transport Request, you will get into edit mode. Select the field that you'd like to change and click on "Show Field Properties". Then you can follow the same steps as what is done using view configuration on CRM WebClient UI to apply the change of Field Label.
  • In some views, like assignment blocks of result list which are shown as table, the field lable is allowed to be edited directly in the view configuration on both CRM WebClient UI and Component Workbench by selecting the field and change the text directly.


<See Also>

  • Regarding the configuration mode details, please refer to KBA 2520279 - SAP CRM WebUI: Show Configurable areas/Configure page buttons are not showing up.
  • If you are using Solution Manager system, in Change Management (Incident management) search view, you can find although you changed the text of Partner Function related search fields in the view Configuration, the change will never reflect on the WebUI even you saved it correctly. Please refer to KBA 1891806 - How to change the Text of Partner Function related search fields in Search Criteria Of CRM_UI for CM/SUP
  • Sometimes, you find that you changed the field label and saved correctly, but it's not reflected on CRM WebClient UI, please refer to the Wiki page How to modify a view configuration to make the changes reflected on the CRM WebUI. Especially, pay attention to the views which have both edit mode and display mode.
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