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The 'Quick create area' provides users with quick links for frequently used applications - Transactions, URLs, Reports.

  • Freely configurable per role
  • Can be personalized by the user

How to Launch a URL

Step 1:  Define your URL in the URL Repository

Call Transaction SM30 and Maintain Table View in CRMV_IC_LTX_URL Table.

Maintain the below details in the New Entries

Description - SDN Site

Request Method - Get

Tick the Radio button for Non-BSP URL
URL:  []

Save your entries.

 Step 2:
Call the transaction CRMC_UI_ACTIONWZ or go to IMG path CRM -> UI Frame work -> Technical Role Definition -> Configure Transaction Launcher -> It takes you to a Wizard to complete the steps.

Maintain Id as ZSDN and Component Set - ALL and select continue.

Enter description as "SDN" and class name as "ZCL_SDN". Check the Stateful  box; uncheck the Raise Veto box.

If you select Stateful, it will open in New Page and Raise Veto, and will open in Work Center Hub Page (on the right side).  
Choose Transaction Type as URL and maintain URL ID as below -


Skip the Transaction Parameters and Activity Clip Board Integration steps by selecting the continue button; finally, complete the Transaction launcher Wizard. 

Step 3: Integrate URL into the Navigation Bar
Execute Transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS or go to the IMG path -> CRM -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Navigation Bar Profile.


After selecting Navigation Bar Profile, double click on Define Logical Links, then go to New Entries to maintain the necessary information per the next screen shot.


Save it.

Step 4: Use T-code - CRMC_UI_NBLINKS or the path for Navigation Area  IMG- CRM -> Technical Profile -> Define Navigation Profile ; Choose your Profile and Double click on Assign Direct Link Groups , as per the next screen shot.


Step 5: Select Create Group ID  and double click on Assign Links as below.


Step 6: Add the Logical Links which you want to see in the Quick Create Area. Go to New Entries per the next screen shot and select the Logical Link.  It may be  URL , Transaction , BOR and Report. Assign it and, finally, save it.

Step 7: Go to Business Role by T-code CRMC_UI-PROFILE, choose your role and double click Adjust Direct Link Groups as shown below.


After double clicking, the below screen appears. Activate the Group IDs visible in the Quick Create Area.

Then select each Group ID,  double click Adjust Direct :inks on the left hand side, then activate it as visible as shown in the below screen.


Login to the system with the role for which you have configured. 

Output :