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Applies to:

SAP CRM WEB UI version 6.0 or more 


This Paper tells how to create a URL dynamically (at runtime) for transaction launcher. 


Company:     IBM Pvt Ltd
Created on:    7.3.2011
Author(s) Bio

I have 6 years of experience in SAP CRM. My key areas are Web ui and CRM technical and functional. 

Table of Contents

Basic Concept

In many cases one needs to show a URL using transaction launcher, but one needs to generate this URL dynamically (at runtime).

A typical example would be  in case of a legacy system which has different url's for test and production systems.

So one needs to generate a URL at runtime based on the system variable sy-sysid.

Customizing for dynamic url creation

The customzing for dynamic url is shown below.

After going into "Define URL's and Parameters"

Specify the following things.


 As you can see we need to specify the class ZCL_CRM_PROMOTION_REPORT_LINK.

We need to manually create this class. This class generates the URL dynamically.

I have explained the creation of this class below.

Create the class ZCL_CRM_PROMOTION_REPORT_LINK in se24. Specify the interface as shown below.

 Implement the method of the interface as shown below.

 In this method you have the parameter CV_URL. Fill the url string in this variable.

In our example we will be filling the value based on the system variable sy-sysid.

Write the code in the method get_url_data.


Useful Information

Short quick summary to catch the reader's attention and of course the search engine


  1. Unknown User (iju95bt)

    Hi Abhilash,it is an nice article.can u please explaine with an example so it's easy understand.

  2. Former Member



    Your artical is very nice but what code we have to write in GET_URL_DATA please provide code also.