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Applies to:

SAP CRM 7.0/2007/5.0/4.0


In SAP CRM a User can Create/Edit business Partner by transaction BP but not many knows how to delete a BP once created.


Harshit Kumar 
Company:   Accenture
Created on:   24th Mar, 2010
Author(s) Bio
Harshit Kumar is working with Accenture on Projects involving CRM Implementations. 


In CRM One can create/Edit Business Partner by the Transaction BP. However at times one wants to delete a Business Partner created by mistake or for any other reason which is not meaningful. In such a case transaction BP will not help you. 
There is a Transaction BUPA_DEL, which can be used in order to delete a particular or range of business Partner(s).


  • Only Record with Delete Flag - If user checks the First Checkbox  then it will delete only those BP's whose Archiving flag is set. 
  • Only System status "Deleted" - If User checks Second Checkbox, then it will delete only those BP's whose status has been set to be "deleted" by the user. 
  • Test Run, Check only - If User checks Third Checkbox, then it will run the transaction without deleting any BP.
    Note: For those BP's who are already in use will not be deleted by this transaction.