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Sometimes you add a Z-field into the search result list, but you find that the Z-field can’t be exported into the excel when clicking the “Export to Spreadsheet” button in the search result list. This WIKI page is intended to describe how to add a Z-field and make it exportable. This wiki page uses sales order search result list as an example.


If you want to add a Z-field and export it into excel, you can generate the field via AET. When generating the Z-field using AET, you can set the Z-field as search result relevant, then you can make the Z-field available in the search result list and export it into the excel. This document describes the steps about how to generate the Z-field via AET and make it exportable into excel.

Generate the Z-field via AET

Logon with business role SALESPRO, go to sales order search screen, click button “Show Configurable Areas”, click on Search Result area, then in the coming up View Configuration popup, click button ”Create Field”

Select object part ORDERADM_H, click button OK

Enter value in mandatory fields, like Field Label, Field Type, and Length, then in the dropdown list of field Search-Relevance, select “Search & Result List”, click Back button

Click button “Save and Generate” to generate the Z-field 

Add the Z-field into the configuration

Run transaction code BSP_WD_CMPWB, open component/view BT115S_SLSO/SlsOrdSR, go to the Configuration, and add the field “AET Attribute” into the configuration

Adjust the GET method of the Z-attribute

Run transaction code BSP_WD_CMPWB, open component/view BT115S_SLSO/SlsOrdSR, go to the View Structure, expand the context node BTQRSLSORD, select the attribute EXT.ZZAFLD00004H, right click on mouse, select the option “Generate GETTER and SETTER Method”  

Open the generated method GET_ZZAFLD00004H and adjust the coding accordingly if needed. Here we set dummy value “testing” for this field.

Perform a search and export the data into the excel

On the sales order search screen, perform a search, then you will see the field “AET Attribute” appears with value

Click button “Export to Spreadsheet”, then the field “AET Attribute” is exported into the excel 

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