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Author: Wang, Jerry @ CRM development Team in SAP.

You can find Jerry:

For the example of UI logical link and work center, please refer to the screenshot below:

Suppose you need to add the custom UI component ZVIEWSET2 into a new work center 'CCTV POC' for business role TPM_PRO:
1. You should first expose the main window of your UI component as interface view:

And also an inbound plug is necessary:

2. use tcode CRMS_UI_TLINK:
Create a new entry for your ui component ZVIEWSET2:

Create a new entry for inbound plug definition. Choose the inbound plug declared in step1. Specify the name of Target ID, which will be used later.

3 use tcode CRMC_UI_NBLINKS, locate the navigation profile TPM-PRO and double click "Define Logical Links": 

Create a new logical link id and bind it to the target id defined in step2.

And create a new work center:

4. Assign the new Work center created in step3 to navigation bar profile:

5. In the runtime the new work center is visible now:

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