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In most of the CRM projects, BI reports are almost the final outcome. In-fact most of the CRM implementations' success is gauged by how the top management as well as CRM users are able to access data for analysis in the form of the reports. These reports need to be available in the desired format. In SAP CRM 2007 these reports can be integrated and can be accessed through web UI. SAP has delivered a lot of standard reports which can be readily put to use. Once these standard reports are activated in BI, web UI can be configured to have access to those standard reports.

However all the clients' reporting requirements cannot be met by the SAP delivered standard reports. These reports sometimes need to be collated from different SAP and non-SAP systems. As per the clients' requirement, project teams may have to build custom reports, queries or web templates. We need to follow certain procedure to get these reports on web UI which involves some customization as well. In this paper we intend to provide a step by step procedure which can be used by all project teams for the above discussed scenario.

Reader is expected to possess knowledge on below mentioned topics:

  • Creation/Identification of Web Template in BI System
  • BOL Programming Concepts
  • The navigation Bar profile needs to be assigned to the relevant Business Role.

Construction Steps

Step1: Identify the View and component of Report links in WEB UI.


  • Log in to WEB UI and click on Reports Work Center link
  • Click F2 and View and Component Details will be displayed in a popup
  • Run the transaction & Specify the Component and Enhancement Set information

Step2: Enhance the component controller class to achieve the required functionality

  • Redefine the method WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE present in the Z Component controller class
  • Prior to Redefining the method, Copy the existing code and paste the same in redefined method. This is needed so as to use standard SAP Procedure to achieve the functionality.
  • For example, Let us take the component CRMCMP_WC_ICMGR. In the method, WD_USAGE_INITALIZE we can notice conditional statements. The group ID values are hard coded for each work center link. Identify the work center link(Say Intent Driven Rep) and replace the standard groupID with our Group ID( Contains customer specific report links). Ensure that the Intent Driven Rep is present in available assignment blocks in the configuration tab. You can also replace the title Intent Driven Rep with Business specific ones.
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  1. When you say "Run the transaction & Specify the Component and Enhancement Set information ", which transaction are you referring to?


  2. Unknown User (100klupqo)

    The transaction referred to here is BSP_WD_CMPWB which is the component workbench.