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This wiki will introduce to the missing navigational link which needs to be added to your enhancements to avoid the dump in the CRM Web UI


When a navigation from one screen to other happens there is a dump which occurs in your enhancement if the navigational links are not maintained.

Below are some of the examples. This exception can occur in any scenario where the navigation link is missing.

Scenario 1:

When a duplicate account has been created the warning message is shown and the ‘Show duplicate’ button is enabled in the account Overview page toolbar. The popup is triggered when the Show duplicate button is clicked but in your enhancement you get a dump in method CALL_DUPLICATE_POPUP of class CL_CRM_UIU_ADDR_DUPLICATE.

  Scenario 2:

   In the CRM Web UI, when you click on the link in the relationship assignment block , an exception is thrown:

    CX_BSP_WD_INCORRECT_IMPLEMENT - Define NavigationalLink TOCONTACT for source view BP_DATA.Relationships.


Steps to be followed:

Let us consider Scenario 1 to explain the steps, the component and views can be changed based on the screen where the dump occurs.

 1:  Transaction: BSP_WD_CMPWB in the SAP backend system.

       Please provide the component and your enhancement.


2. Go to Runtime Repository Editor

3. Please click on  Navigational links

4. Please check if the below navigation is maintained.

  NavigationalLink "ToDuplicate"  with Source "BP_HEAD/AccountHeaderViewSet"  Outbound Plug TODUPLICATE  and Target "BP_ADDR.BP_ADDR/AddrDuplicate" Inbound Plug  ADDRDUP_QUICK_CREATE

Comparision between the Standard and enhancement

In order to compare both the enhanced component and standard  we can run a report to show the differences and what needs to be fixed or changed.

Please run the report BSP_WD_RT_REP_COMPARE  in transaction SE38, enter your enhancement set  and the relevant component  and execute.

The right hand side shows the enhancement and the left pane shows the standard. Any differences that needs to be changed will be highlighted.


Please note after an upgrade, your own enhancements need to be adjusted accordingly with the changes in the standard as the upgrade does not update the customer enhancement.

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