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Step by Step

In CRM new WEB UI, when profile other than IC_AGENT is assigned, there will be a system link "Log Off". When user clicks on it, the web ui session will be killed, and a page will be displayed. Normally it will be . Is it possible to change this?

The answer is yes, and the customizing is very simple and straight forward.
In spro->Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework
->Technical Role Definition->Define Technical Profile
The field URL serves for this purpose.

You may check the SAP help document for detail:
    Define a URL and a continued URL
        These URLs are concetenated to build the final URL that
        includes the protocol http:// or https://. This URL is activated
        when the user clicks the system link Log Off. If nothing is
        specified, http:/ is automatically called.

I've tested to put the logon URL of the web ui for example


but this does not work, it will use the current cookie to open the same already logged on page. I am not so sure who might have solution for this. Welcome to have discussion with me. I believe after log off it will be nice that the original logon page to be shown instead of any other page. Or maybe the problem will not exist if integrated with portal?

Coding Highlights

The log off click triggers the following call stack



  1. Former Member

    I was able to successfully add the URL at our client site here as http://xxxxx:8000/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_frame/default.htm
    Maybe that will work for you as well. Thank you for posting where to find this URL field in the configuration!

  2. Unknown User (103q5zhuf)

    I was also able to successfully direct the user when logging off to the original logon page.  The key is to NOT include the parameters after default.htm, such as the ones below.




  3. Unknown User (zjsmdok)

    Hi guys,

     I tied the same thing by adding the URL till ...default.htm, but it did not work for me.


  4. Unknown User (klesuq9)

    The EH_SESSION_EXIT listed at the bottom of the page is also fired when the browser window is closed. How can I get to that event to enhance it.  I was hoping it would be wrapped up in some nice component but it doesn't appear to be.  We want to add a catch all save if the user closes the app by closing the browser

  5. Unknown User (bcfh0bv)


    Just click BACKSPACE , it will take again to UI login screen......(big grin)

  6. Unknown User (ku2rdf4)

    Hi all!

    We are facing the same problem. We have SAP CRM v7.0.
    I already tried all the advices mentioned above but no success to get back to the original login page.

    It's no problem to get to any internet website, but the login page without any popups or stuff like that seems to be impossible.

    For me it seems that SAPCRM is not killing the session or deleting the cookies. It seems that the browser (IE7) is partly remembering the login credentials.

    I also played around with the options "Enforce Logoff" and "End Session immediatly" in customizing -> CRM -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Technical Role but these don't have any effect while clicking the Log off link.

    Please gimme any advice,

  7. Unknown User (isuzkum)


     in SAP CRM 2007 it is possible to guide the user back to the log-in page as mentioned above.

     in SAP CRM 7.0 this is no longer as simple as setting the log-off page. Moreover you have to build your own page (BSP, or PHP, HTML or something like that) which redirects to original login page to lose your session.


  8. Unknown User (ku2rdf4)

    Hi Max!

    Thank you for the advice. It semms this is working fine under v7.0.

    Best regards,

  9. Anonymous

    really helpfull,..

    Thanks for blogging and helping community!

  10. Former Member

    This is really helpful.

    Does anyone know how to point this to the the User's Browsers home page?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Former Member