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The document aims to demonstrate the step by step procedure to configure Account Fact Sheet in IC Webclient business roles.


Webclient UI Framework offers the fact sheet functionality (see SAP Online Libary, e.g. CRM 7.0 EHP3). In general Fact Sheets provide you with an immediate and condensed overview of information about various business objects taken from several sources. To perfectly fit your users' business needs, it is possible to configure factsheets individually. Set up and assigned to the business role, It enables users to see quickly and easily the most important details about your key customers.

This document focuses on account factsheet ICCMP_AFS which offers views specific for CRM Interaction Center. In CRM Interaction Center Role IC_AGENT, this fact sheet is integrated in IC_AGENT role and appears as below

Customizing - Get familiar with delivered Fact Sheets or create your own Fact Sheets

Every Fact Sheet has assigned views which can be used furtheron in the configuration. The relevant customizing can be found in SPRO by choosing Customer Relationship Management  UI Framework -> UI Framework Definition -> Maintain Fact Sheet

In this IMG activity, you can then either display a delivered Fact Sheet sor create your own Fact Sheet. Choose the Factsheet id

To display the list of available views, click on the view assignments. These views will be offered during Fact Sheet configuration in the the component workbench and are then displayed under the Available Fact Sheet Views.

The CRM IC account Fact Sheet ICCMP_AFS has assigned four views.


You can either use this preconfigured factsheet  ICCMP_AFS or create your own variant by copying the SAP standard fact sheet to your namespace. Then you can adapt the customizing of your own fact sheet and assign additional views if necessary.


To configure the factsheet

  1. Assign a Role configuration key specific to your business role
  2. Open component BSP_DLC_FS in component workbench - transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB - double click on BSP_DLC_FS/factsheet and display the configuration, "Select View factsheet" and click on edit
  3. To configure CRM IC account fact sheet, select "Account Factsheet (ICCMP_AFS)"
  4. Click on "New" to create a new configuration for your business role key:
  5. Select Page type. For our example let us select a Tile page and a 2x2 Layout - you can choose for your own configuration.
  6. Assign the views to the tiled layout. For this
    a.  Choose the view from available views (which is from the Customizing of Factsheet).
    b.  Select the Tile and click on Add Factsheet View,
    c.  Then provide the Title for each view
         For example choose the Generic History View. It is possible to use this generic history view multiple times in the Account Factsheet Sheet.  
  7. After assigning the view to the Account Fact sheet, we can now define the search attributes for each view and also configure the displayed columns. 
    1. Click the configuration link from above step
    2. Select standard configuration of the assigned view and create a copy of your configuration using role configuration key for specific business role
    3. Add the fields to the configuration according to your business needs
    4. Now define attributes for selection for the view by clicking on "Attributes"
    5. To edit the search criteria chose the attribute line and click on the value field


         8. Repeat step 6 and 7 for each tile as per your requirement.


In SAP standard, the Factsheet view displays search results for only one inbox item type per view. If you want to display different inbox item types in the Account Factsheet, then assign for each inbox item type an individual view ICCMP_AFS_HIS/AFSGenericHistoryView to your layout.

Also ensure that 

  • a search criteria for attribute Main Category is given in the search parameters as described in step 7e
  • the inbox item type is assigned to the agent inbox profile of the your business role,

otherwise no search results are fetched.


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