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This wiki will introduce the Interactive Script in IC WebUI Client.


What is Interactive Scripting?  

Interactive Scripting is the functionality of the Interaction Center that enables the guiding of call center agents during customer interactions.   

The Interactive Scripting functionality consist of two parts: 

  •  Design time tool – Java applet based application that allows the script designer to create scripts.
  •  Runtime time engine – Interprets the scripts modeled at design time and guides the agent interaction. 

For further information see,

Help Portal - Interactive Scripting

IC Script execution during runtime (IC Agent role): guiding IC agents in their customer interactions

Contact center agents in your company are dealing with various customer interactions. Sometimes it might be an outbound call introducing a campaign, or it might be an inbound customer call requesting a complex service.   

While customer feedback and feeling from these interactions vary depending on the skills, sagacity, and personality of your agents. To ensure agent interactions with customers are consistent, improving your customers' experience, interactive scripting in SAP CRM Interaction Center could be a good choice for your company.     

After a script is assigned to the correct business role and activated, it can be launched based on predefined business rules. Agents can select script by language, and then use it to guide them through complex customer calls. See below screenshot.

The customer's response dictates the next step that the script and screen displays. These steps support agents dealing with customers such as with simple customer sales objections, customer data updates, or marketing activities.

In an outbound call, an agent can perform campaign target-group generation using surveys that are integrated into their script. An agent can also navigate through the questions in a different order or go back to previous questions by selecting chapters on the right hand side of their screen, as you can see in the screen shot below.

Besides manually being accessed, scripts can also be automatically pushed to agents based on business rules or events, attach it to call list or a campaign. The Interaction Center manager or system administrator can create step-by-step scripts in the Interactive Scripting Editor, which may be later assigned to any given campaign.

Creation of IC Scripts in the Interactive Script Editor using IC Manager business role (Design Time)

How are scripts being creating? Scripts can be created in the IC Manager role in the interactive editor. It is a Java script applet. To use the Script Editor

  •  the Javascript SE Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your PC (SAP Note 717921)
  • Service CRM_IC_ISE needs to be active in transaction SICF:
  • Tipps for Oracle Java Console settions to allow usage of the Java applet in the browser needs to be done in the JAVA Console

If you have an authorization issue blocking the script editor please install the SAP Note 1997886 to see if it fixes your issue. If you encounter problems when loading IC Script Editor, please check through SAP KBA 2050414.

In the screenshot below, you can see the Interactive Script Editor. You can see it contains four areas:      

  • Repository: Containing preset scripts, objection scripts, questions, answers, buttons, templates, and actions. These objects are reusable and editable.  
  • Editor: Enabling you to create a new script by reusing or editing objects from repository, or creating a new one from scratch. Enables you to upload and download the entire script in XML format.  
  • Search: Supporting repository object searches, so that you may quickly locate and utilize preset script elements relevant to your campaign.  
  • Attributes: Facilitates attribute definition of active objects in the Editor area. 


Steps: How to create an script in Script Editor using business role IC_MANAGER

At the end we want to create following script:

To do so, let's logon with business role IC_MANAGER and go to work center: Process Modeling-> Interactive Script Editor under tab Create to start script editor.


Step 1.  Let's create a new question 001 (Wecome) and a new script with ID ZLJ_Bruce01. Then we drag the question 001 into script ZLJ_Bruce01 and set it as start node.

Please note that the easiest way is to copy template questions from repository to a new one and adjust it accordingly. In below example, we create a new one in order to show how to do it.


Now let‘s create a new script (ID ZLJ_Bruce01) and drag the question 001(Wecome) we created into it. 

Grag the question 001 into script.

Step 2. Let's create another question 003 (Address Confirmation) and later drag it also into our new script (ID ZLJ_Bruce01). 

Create Question 003:


Drag Question 003 into script:


Step 3. Link Question 001 to Question 003.


Step 4. create question 002 and link question 001 we created in Step 1 to this question 002.

Drag the question 002 into the script.

Then we link question 001 to question 002.

Check the link we created.

Step 5.  drag action "update address" from repository and drop it into script editor. Then link question 003 we created in step 2 to action "update address".

Step 6. create question 004 and link question 003 and action "update address" to question 004. 


Step 7. drag template "lead qualification" and drop it in script editor. Then link question 004 with button "More Infos" to it.

   Step 8. create question 006 and link template "lead qualification" and question 004 with button "No" to it.

Step 9.  make sure the script is active and add script group if you would like to. Regarding script group, please check child page: Script Group Authorization .(Not pulished yet, being edited)

Customizing: How to adjust your business role, so that the created script can be used by the IC agents

1. Create script profile and assign script ID and language under IMG path: SPRO->CRM->Interaction Center WebClient-> Basic Functions-> Define Script Profiles.


2. assign the script profile to corresponding business role.

Other info about script

1. Script persists with XML, so you can upload and download the entire script in XML format.

2. You can rename the script ID and Description afterwards.

3. Relevant table:

CRMD_IC_SCRATTR   (Please note the objectname identifies Capital and lowercase.)

Related SAP Notes and KBAs

The script editor is a Java applet which is a Mime object of BSP application CRM_IC_ISE. To get the newest version of the Java applet, search for the newest SAP Note 

  • on application component CRM-IC-SCR for
  • using search term ISE50_JDK5.jar

2190993 Scripting editor XML parser replacement

717921 Required JRE version for IC WebClient, BMS, and ISE

2050414 CRM IC: Problems when loading IC Script Editor

2267203 CRM IC: Problems when using scripting for agent guidance

2395523 BSP exception: Object is not valid in URL /sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_frame/ 

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