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 This Wiki will introduce the scenario about Lead Qualification with Script functionality and the necessary customizing steps.


1. What‘s lead?

Leads are business transactions that describe, store, update, and manage the potential interest of (and interaction with) a business partner in a certain timeframe. Leads represent a potential chance to do business. Leads are used to qualify a business partner’s interest in a particular product or in making a purchase, with the aim of both establishing and then subsequently influencing this interest.

The qualification process can be performed on the basis of direct contact with the business partner, or on the basis of an automated collection of indexes. After a lead has reached a certain status, it can be passed on to Sales as decision support for creating an opportunity. The lead qualification is supported by the integration of questionnaires / surveys.

2.What's lead lead qualification?

While agents are guided through their customer interaction with the help of predefined scripts, leads can be automatically created based on customer feedback. This greatly simplifies the interaction process for agents, who can also manually create or qualify leads. Agents are free to focus on personalized interactions, thereby improving the effectiveness of campaigns through better closure rates.        

Prerequisite Customizing and Settings for script

Below is the compendium about what you need to for the script. For the detail, please check page: How to create an Interactive Script and how to adjust a business role to use scripts.

1. logon WebUI by IC_MANAGER role and load script editor, create script. Please make sure you have maintained questionnaire ID (We will show you how to create this within in this page) 

and assign the transaction type in template "Lead Qualification" in your script(Please check step 7 in page: How to create an Interactive Script and how to adjust a business role to use scripts.).

2. assign the script ID to script profile in sapgui.

3..assign script profile to your business role in T-code: crmc_ui_profile. 

Other necessary Customizings for lead qualification

Steps In GUI:

1.Create a lead questionnnaire. Later you need to assign this questionnaire ID and the transaction type in template "Lead Qualification" of your script. (Please check step 7 in page: How to create an Interactive Script and how to adjust a business role to use scripts.).


2.Create lead qualificatin levels

3. Assign lead qualification levels to the questionnaire

4. Define Determination for questionnaires



Test for Lead Qualification with Script

Scenario background:

You are an Interaction Center Agent. You need to qualify Leads for a potential software upgrade. A preconfigured script guides you through your telephone call with an account. A Lead will be automatically qualified by using a Survey.

Here we simulate a call from customer. And of course, in real business process, you can also call your customer, e.g. using call list.


Test Steps:

1.logon WebUI by corresponding business role.

2.set agent's workmode to ready. After a while, customer call is coming and you accept the call to confirm the account. work center script and selet the corresponding sript and language. Then click button "go".

4.keep talking to customer on the phone(you can just read the script text to customer), and since customer said "yes" so you click "Yes".

5.Customer mentioned there is no change for their address, so you click "No Changes"

6.Customer wants to hear more information, so you click "More Infos".

7.Keep talking to customer and fill out the survey accordingly.

8.Select the Stop/Clear Screen button to clear the screen and finish the survey.

9.You can go to the work center Interaction Record (Activity Clipboard) and check if a Lead has been created and qualified.

10.hung up the phone and click the End button to end the interaction with customer.

11. As an IC agent, if you want other information be shown in this script or you request to impove this script, you can click "Script Feedback" to send your feedback to responsible engineer.

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  1. Former Member

    Hello together, thank you for the article. Just one question. It became not clear to me if the lead will be created by filling out the survey OR if the lead has to be created before filling out the survey? 

  2. Hi Oliver,

    The lead will be created by filling out the survey.

    Please read following wiki pages and make sure you have set up correctly.

    1.How to create an Interactive Script and how to adjust a business role to use scripts

    Espeically on Step 7. drag template "lead qualification" and drop it in script editor. Then link question 004 with button "More Infos" to it.

    2. How to do Auto lead qualification by using scripts

    Best Regards,