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Sometime you modify the configuration of a view, like adding a field or making a field mandatory, but this change is not reflected on the CRM WebUI. This is because you did not modify the configuration correctly. This article will describe how to modify the configuration.


This page uses service order as an example. In the Items assignment block of servicer order, it has a field “Higher-level Item” and you want to hide this field. You will need to modify the configuration for the view BT116IT_SRVO/GenericItem to hide this field.

Using F2 to get the used configuration information

Logon with the business role SERVICEPRO, go to service order search screen, search and open an service order, go to the Items assignment block, move the cursor on a field, like “Item No”, press F2 on the keyboard, then the Technical Data popup appears. In the “Field” part, you will see the view information BT116IT_SRVO/GenericItem. In the Configuration part of the popup, you will see the used configuration key. For this case it is
Role Key (Found): <DEFAULT>
Comp. Usage (Found): <DEFAULT>
Object Type (Found): <DEFAULT>
Subobject Type (Found): <DEFAULT>

Open this used configuration in component workbench

Run the transaction code BSP_WD_CMPWB, open the component/view BT116IT_SRVO/GenericItem, go to the Configuration tab, click button “Choose Configuration”, double click on the configuration that is found. You can do the same in the configuration mode on the CRM WebUI.

Verify if the view has different configuration for edit mode and display mode

There are two tabs “Display Mode Configuration” and “Edit Mode Configuration” under View part, so this view has different configuration for edit mode and display mode.

Click on “Display Mode Configuration” tab as we want to hide the field “Higher-level Item” when displaying the items, then select the field “Higher-level Item” and move it to the “Available Fields” block. Then, you will see the field “Higher-level Item” is not visible any more after you log on the CRM WebUI again.

If “Higher-level Item” is still visible, you may have personalization on the view and you will need to have a look at the SAP Note 2045421.

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