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Applies to:

CRM 2007 /CRM 7.0 


 How to implement F4 Help for a field in CRM UI 


Company:     Kaar Technologies Chennai
Created on:   19/01/2011
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Currently working in Kaar Technologies Chennai as CRM Technical Consultant 

Before implementing the F4 help. 

Steps for providing F4 Help 

Enter your view in the BSP Workbench Component (BSP_WD_CMPWB)

Select the view and context node attribute for which you want to implement the F4 help.

Right click the attribute the ‘GENERATE V-GETTER’ and Enter the following code in the GET_V_PROCESS_TYPE (your attribute).

In the above code, Ls_map-context_attr = Attribute technical nameLs_map-f4_attr  = Attribute name.Iv_help_id = Search Help nameIv_help_id_kind = Search ID Types


For getting the HELP_ID, you can search for the standard Search helps provided by SAP from SE11.

After implementing the above code, you can see the change in Transaction Type Field.

Press the F4 Help and you will see the Search results.


Choose from the list the required type.


And thats the end of blog, you have successfully implemented a F4 Help.


  1. Hello

    Thanks for this helpful blog. 

    Can you throw some light on How  to  restrict the values in f4 help?



  2. Former Member


    Thank you for article. I have one question.

    How more simple  to provide search help, that users may saw in result row help text , but actually field will be save ID  ( like listbox ( understandable text with technical value ) )?


    User choose row in help table on screen field zmatnr: Matnr: ID = 100000 Text = bicycle.

    User can see value in screen field = bicycle, but in program zmatnr = 100000. Is it possible?

    Thank you.