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Applies to:

CRM 6.0/7.0

General description:

This wiki explains how to do away with the 'wheel of death' in CRM Web Client UI. This image attached here shows the screen is in 'In processing' mode. It is referred to as 'wheel of death' by frustrated users suffering poor performance of a slow system as they spend too much time staring at this image on the screen (smile)  Having said that, this wiki only tells how to replace this image with another and does not touch upon the subject of improving performance of Web UI.


Company:     Yash Technologies
Created on:    30 Aug, 2010
Author(s) Bio
Amarnath K is a Senior SAP Consultant with expertise in CRM WebUI, CRM ACE and ABAP.

Procedure to replace the 'wheel of death' in Web UI

The Image nicknamed 'wheel of death' is actually final_loading_ani.gif. The requirement is to replace this with another image. Old-timers maybe like the old 'hour glass' image!

In orderto see this change in all skins, we need to repeat these steps in all skins. 

Here are the 7 steps in detail.

1) Go to and execute Skin workbench  in SPRO->CRM->UI Framework->UI Framework definition->Skins-> Access Skin workbench

2) Open the skin you want to apply the new image and open Images folder and identify final_loading_ani.gif.

3) Take a copy of the image into your local drive so that you may use and upload it back whenever you want later. Right-click on the image and select 'document' and then 'display'. The image opens in a browser. Save it to your local drive.

4) Now take a copy of the skin, say DEFAULT_NOWHEEL, and in the copy, right-click the image 'final_loading_ani.gif' and delete it.

5) Now upload the new image you want in place of 'wheel of death' with same name final_loading_ani.gif. You can upload this in the copied skin by right-clicking on the 'Images' folder and selecting create->document->import.

6) By uploading the new image with same name, we are avoiding coding changes in the stylesheets and keeping the approach short and easy-to-do.

7) Once the skin DEFAULT_NOWHEEL is selected in the personalize option of your Web UI page, we see the new image uploaded in place of 'wheel of death' whenever the page goes into prcoessing mode and the erstwhile frustrated users can say good riddance!(smile)  

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  1. Unknown User (101uihbsj)

    Thank you.

    We have now a running rabbit instead of the wheel of death (big grin)

  2. Great! I think we can use the new image for branding purposes too, by putting something like the company's logo with an aesthetic touch.