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From time to time it comes up that customers need to run report "COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL" in the background, but it is not possible. This document describes some workarounds to enable this.


Before continuing, it is important to mention that this report (also COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE) cannot be run in a production environment as per SAP standard. This is because SAP do not recommend deleting master data in a production system. Instead you should use transaction SARA to archive the product instead.

The report is available in all other system types (test/development etc.)  to allow customers delete products if required. The reason it cannot be run in the background is because there is a Pop up confirmation in this report. Since user interaction is required, the report does not work in background.


The following are two suggestions provided as workarounds only:

Option 1

1. Copy the report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL into a Z report e.g. ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL.

2. Change the Constant gc_program on Line 17 to ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL.

3. Comment the code 'PERFORM confirmation_popup' on line 85.

4. Register the report ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL in COMC_PR_TOOL_REG.

5. Schedule the report ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL to run in background.


Option 2

You can create a Z* Program using the following code and schedule in background using the transaction SM36. XX denotes the logical system name that is defined in field LOGSYS in table COMM_PRODUCT

DATA: lt_product TYPE comt_product_tab WITH HEADER LINE.

SELECT * FROM comm_product INTO TABLE lt_product UP TO 1000 ROWS

WHERE logsys        = 'XX'

AND   object_family = space

AND   product_type  = '01' .

  LOOP AT lt_product.  

       SUBMIT  zcom_product_delete_single           

                       WITH p_logs = 'XX'          

                      WITH p_objf = space

                      WITH p_prid = lt_product-product_id          

                      WITH p_prty = '01' AND RETURN.

ENDLOOP. " at lt_product.


This report will delete 1000 records at a time so you will have to schedule it such that it runs at an interval of 30 seconds till all the products are deleted.


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