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In order to check if an issue is caused by customer enhancements or by the standard SAP delivery, we can set user parameter WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT to value 'A' as per SAP Note 1311966  to switch off customer enhancements. But in some cases, some fields and assignment blocks disappear due to this parameter which makes us unable to finish the reproducing steps. And due to this we can't identify if the issue is due to custom enhancement or not.


  • This page will introduce how to switch off enhancement set without disabling UI Configurations and Personalizations.
  • Please note that user parameter WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT is only applicable to CRM 7.0 and higher release. But you can use the way introduced in this page to deactivate the enhancement in CRM 6.0.

How to do t-code: se18 and display badi component_loading

2.expand badi definitions to check implementations

3.double click the implementing class

4.double click on method

5.set break point at last line in method.

6.then you can logon WebUI with correponding business role which can reproduce the issue, for example IC_AGENT. Then the breakpoint set in step 5 will be hint in debug mode, please blank out RV_RESULT and then click F8 in debugger.

7. continue step 7 until the WebUI is shown

 8. Now you can follow the reproducing steps and check if the issue can be reproduced or not. If you cannot reproduce the problem, then it means the problem is due to your customer enhancement. Please review your customer enhancment accordingly.

You can check below link which introduces a way about how to locate the cause to a specified view/controller/window enhancement for trouble shooting.

How to check and identify whether an issue on CRM WebUI is caused by enhancement of some component or view


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How to check and identify whether an issue on CRM WebUI is caused by enhancement of some component or view

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