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As many threads were posted on CRM forums asking for some help to change CRM WebUI descriptions (navigation bar links, work area titles, component view, etc), I decided to list hereafter a couple of basic techniques to do so... Remark: screenshots and SPRO customizing paths were taken from CRM7.0. So you may not have exactly the same if you're using another CRM version.

Author: Nicolas Busson 

Company: NB Conseil
Created on: 20th of December 2009
Author(s) Bio
I'm Nicolas Busson, CRM consultant for 6 years (from Paris, France). Indeed that's the only SAP module that I've ever worked on. And since january 2007 I'm involved in CRM6.0 and CRM7.0 implementations.

Change navigation bar link descriptions

Let's start with something quite simple: the navigation bar. Case study: you want to change "Account management" that you can see in most of the business roles provided by SAP (see following picture):


Method1: business role customizing

Goto SPRO >> CRM >> UI Framework >>  Business roles >> Define business role, and select the relevant Business role. Then goto "Adjust work centers" and enter a new description in column "Work Center Tilte (Role)":

Save your changes and see the result:

Method2: navigation bar customizing

First method could be time consuming if many roles are impacted because you will need to adapt all of them... So if they are using the same navigation bar profile, it is more efficient to change the description here: SPRO >> CRM >> UI Framework >>  Technical Role definition >> Define navigation bar profile. Then goto "Define work centers", select the relevant one and enter a new description in column "Tilte".

Save your changes and see the result:


  • Check that you didn't change the description via method 1, otherwise the changes done via method 2 won't be displayed.
  • Any logical link can be renamed exactly the same way: either at business role level (see "Adjust work center group link" and "Adjust Direct link group") or at navigation bar profile level... Quite easy, so I won't spend more time to describe it.

Change work area title

Now let's study another text element which is not so easy to modify (smile) Case study: you want to change the work area title "Account management" (see following picture):

Surprisingly, you cannot do it via customizing... In fact, this title is handled in method IF_BSP_WD_HISTORY_STATE_DESCR~GET_STATE_DESCRIPTION of the relevant component. But where? Which view, which class? Unfortunately  I don't think there is a rule valid 100% of the time. So you will have to search a little bit. In our example (Account Management), you will find it in view WCC_SLS_ACC/SalesAccounts:


As you can see in this example all we have to do is changing OTR "CRM_UIU_BT_SALES_WCC/ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT" via transaction SOTR_EDIT. That wil be exactly the same for work center "Activities" (OTR will be CRM_UIU_BT_SALES_WCC/ACTIVITIES), or "Administration", etc.

But it my happen that no OTR will be found. For example: work area "HOME" of standard SERVICEPRO business role. A simple text element is used instead, which prevents us from any modification without either a modification of the standard, or a component/view enhancement (but maybe an oss note will be available soon to correct this?):

Also, for a few work area components, you won't find any implementation of method GET_STATE_DESCRIPTION at view level (not even in the super class of your controller). That's because this method is implemented in the corresponding component WINDOW. Example: work area "Service" of standard business role SPL:


And obviously, you will find a simple text there too:

Change component title

See "change work area title" paragraph: the only difference is that you may have a lot of views in an application component (like BP_HEAD), which makes it even more complex to find method GET_STATE_DESCRIPTION. So my advice would be to take a look at the windows controller first...

Change view section title

Case study: you want to rename "My Open tasks" from the Calendar application (see following picture):


Well, first we should check if a view configuration is available and try to rename the corresponding label... but unfortunately this is a table header: and there is no option to change this element in the configuration (we can only rename column descriptions). So this kind of text is handled in the HTML view (see CRM_CALENDAR/OpenTasks):

Another example can be found in component BT126H_MAIL:



Most of the time you will be able to change a field description via configurationl. But I hope this wiki will help you find your way when the UI configuration tool is not supported to fit your requirements...

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  1. Very much useful.  Thank u. 

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    Still a very good thread.

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    Thanks Nicolas . It is truly informative and helpful.