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If you're facing issues with your CRM WebUI system after making a lot of enhancements, it is sometimes not clear whether those issues are caused by customer enhancements, or bugs in SAP standard system. So you may want to load 100% standard screens, i.e. without loading your enhancement. This wiki will show you how to do so depending on your CRM WebUI version. The provided solution consists of a new user parameter that will be checked to know whether or not customer enhancements should be loaded at startup.

Author: Nicolas Busson 

Company: NB Conseil
Created on: 20th of December 2009
Author Bio
I'm Nicolas Busson, CRM consultant for 6 years (from Paris, France). Indeed that's the only SAP module that I've ever worked on. And since january 2007 I'm involved in CRM6.0 and CRM7.0 implementations.

Version up to CRM6.0

Step 1: create new user parameter
Start transaction SM30 and add a new parameter to table TPARA (for example ZCRM_EHSET_SW_OFF).

Step 2: implement badi COMPONENT_LOADING
Start transaction SE18 and create a new badi implementation. Sample coding:
Step 3: assign parameter created in step 1 to the users
Start transaction code SU01 and assign parameter ZCRM_EHSET_SW_OFF with value X to the users for which no enhancement should be loaded when starting WebUI.

Version CRM7.0 onwards

Much more easy! Lucky CRM7.0 users, SAP delivered an OSS note for the same:
Note 1311966 - Switching off customer enhancements for symptom analysis