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  1. Login to IC Web using IC_MANAGER role and go to Managing Operations->Create Broadcast Messaging

  2.  IC Broadcast Messaging view will open as shown below  

  3. Go to Profile Selection tab, you need to setup your Broadcasting profile or choose the standard one and click on Save as Default button.
     Note: If you going to default the profile for the first time then you need to log-off and login again.  

  4. To create a custom profile go to IMG customizing CRM->IC Web Client-> Additional Functions->Define Broadcast Messaging Profiles and create a new entry.

  5. Enter Profile Name and some description. You need to enter Org Unit ID because when you create Distribution List later it will be used to fetch only those users which are assigned to that Org unit. In this way we will group together all the IC web users who will be part of the Broadcast Messaging.
    Create one Org Unit for this purpose and assign IC web users there. 

  6. In the above customizing Keep Expired Messages defines how many days the system should store expired messages. After the defined number of days has passed, the expired messages are deleted from the Sent Log the next time you start the application. Blank field means 0 days. 

  7. In this step when you create Distribution list only the users assigned in the above Org Unit will be available to choose from. Select the user(s) whom you want to add to your Distribution List.

  8. Now go to Send Message tab and select your Distribution List, enter the duration after which your message should get expired ( here I entered 15 minutes ) and set the priority ( message will appear in bold if you choose High ) and enter your message. Click on Send. 

  9. Now this Broadcasting Message will appear in IC Web user screen that all are part of the distribution list and will expire after 15 minutes. 

  10. You can check the Current Messages or Expired Messages from the Sent Log tab. If you want you can resend the expired message again by clicking on Resend Message button. 

Enhance the Broadcast messaging color and font 

For system below EhP1: 

Go To SE80 -> BSP Application -> CRMCMP_IC_FRAME ->MIMEs -> Stylesheets -> Broadcast -> (Choose your skin) Let's say default -> download crmcmp_ic_frame_broadcast.css file by double clicking on it -> Save on local desktop -> open the file and modify 

/* Fonts for the text displayed in the message bar and the empty text displayed in the message divider */
.highpriority, .normalpriority, .lowpriority, .messagedivide, .queue { font-family : Arial; font-size : 1.4ex; font-weight : normal; }

/* The colors for the text displayed in the message bar */
.highpriority, .normalpriority, .lowpriority, .queue { color : #FFFFFF; }

If required you can change these to use different font, font size and color based on message priority also. 

For EhP1 users: 

Customizing and setting the formatting of broadcast messages are much similar to alert. The only difference is you do not set icon for message.

To define the broadcast message theme, please go to SPRO -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Customer Relationship Management -> Interaction Center WebClient -> Additional Functions -> Define Themes for Broadcast Messages. You can define your own theme there. Please see the screenshot below: 

However please be aware that the color will only be appearing when a message is displayed in the pop-up window, but not in the scrolling bar. 


UPD: Starting from SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp3 with SP03 new UI component to send Broadcast messages was introduced. More details: New UI component for Broadcast Messages