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In SAP Note 880749 you can find information about:

  • how to download and apply an IPC patch
  • how to check IPC version ( patch level) and date of the version. This information can be found at the bottom of the note.

In principle, all the information is in the note, but this wiki page might be useful to clarify some doubts . The steps for the implementation of an IPC patch will be explained here with an example.

In case the IPC patch does not solve the issue in your system, you can also check the troubleshooting guide  Pricing Troubleshooting Guide


IPC corrections as IPC patches

The corrections in IPC are always offered by the Development Team as latest patch for a specific support package, not as individual corrections to particular problems. Please note that patches in SPs do not receive new developments, but only bug fixes. Therefore the risk to introduce new bugs when an IPC patch is applied is low. Compared to the ABAP world, applying an IPC patch would be similar to implementing a bunch of ABAP notes.

IPC version. Support package and patch 

An IPC version consists of:

  • IPC release   (release is always IPC 70 for CRM versions 5.0 and higher)
  • IPC Support package level :  The IPC Support package level must be compatible with the support package level of component SAP_AP. 
    -- In case of SAP_AP 700 version, the IPC support package level should always be the same as the support package level version of SAP_AP. 
    – In case of SAP_AP 750 version, the IPC support package that is compatible with the SAP_AP support package can be checked in the table below ( second and third columns)
     Similar information can be found in the table at the beginning of  note  880749

Support package of
  SAP_AP 7.00 version

Support package of
  SAP_AP 7.50 version

IPC Support package level


























  • IPC patch level
    For each support package level, patches will be released. Therefore, when you patch the IPC, the SAP_AP version (ABAP) does not need to be changed. You just need to get the IPC file with the latest patch for your support package level.  
    If your system does not contain the latest patch ( for its Support level), compatibility can be kept but you will be missing the latest corrections.

Steps for implementation of an IPC patch

1) Check the SAP_AP version in your system

Go to  system-> Status
In our sample case, we have SAP_AP 700 SP33.



2) Check the IPC version before patch implementation

This is not absolutely necessary, but it gives us a better picture of what we are doing in the patch implementation

Steps to check the IPC version

  • Transaction SM53
  •  In left side select the "Applications" node
  • Then on the right, follow path:  Installation – Components – /0SAP/IPC – Modules – /0SAP/AP_BASE_CORE – Manifest
  • Check Implementation-version
















The Implementation-Version attribute is structured in the following way:
    <release>.<support_package_level>.< patch_level>.<time_stamp>.<changelist_number>

In our case  we have :
Release 700
Support package 33
Patch level 20
Timestamp 20160623     ----->  Means 23rd  June 2016

The support package level is correct (33) , as it is compatible with the SAP_AP level. After the implementation of the IPC patch, the support package level (33) should not change.
The patch level should change to a higher one.


3)  Download the IPC patch

If you have doubts about the patch to be downloaded, check section in this wiki "IPC version. Support package and patch"   
In this case as the SAP_AP version is 700 SP33, we need the IPC patch for SP33.

 There are two alternative ways to download the patch, both explained in note 880749.

1) Use the links for each of the patches that are displayed at the bottom of the note.
In this case we use the link for SP33


2) Use the link that shows all the IPC patches.

Select the patch file that corresponds to SP 33 , there must be only one. In this case, the file name is SAPAPIPCJ33P_27-20001154.SCA
 So the file contains patch 27 (P_27) for Support packge 33  ( this is the last patch for that SP level)



4) Implement (upload) the IPC patch in the CRM Server


To implement the IPC patch:

  • In the text field We enter the path where we have saved the IPC patch
    --  In case of SAP_AP 700 version, keep the “Make All checks”
    --  In case of SAP_AP 750 version, check “Ignore dependencies”
  • Click on Execute


We have SAP_AP 700 version, so we keep “Make All checks”


We enter a workbench request


After about one minute you can see the list of implemented modules
No error is displayed.



5) Check the IPC version after patch implementation


Restart SM53 transaction and follow the same path you did before the patch implementation

Now the IPC version is the one in the screenshot

Release 700
Support package 33  --> Same as before
Patch level 27   --> It has changed to a higher number
Timestamp 20161103  -->  Means 03rd November 2016    ( it has changed to a recent date )

So the support package level was kept, as expected, in level 33, and the patch level has changed to a higher number, 27





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