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Instruction Guides

This section covers guides, prerequisites and technical background information needed to run a SAP CRM 7.0 system. The page also contains specific information for CRM Add-On Components and for the upgrade process from release CRM 4.0 to CRM 7.0.

Please click on the highlighted link to directly get access to individual documents and notes:

 Upgrade Specific Guides

Master Guide SAP CRM 7.0 SR1

The Master Guide provides important information about the installation planning for SAP CRM 7.0 scenarios

Upgrade Master Guide SAP CRM 7.0 SR1

The Upgrade Master Guide provides information about the upgrade to SAP CRM 7.0. It links to all other documents

Migration Guide describing the migration of SAP GUI/People-Centric UI to WebClient UI

This information has been included in the Upgrade Master Guide

System Copy Guide for SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Including Enhancement Package 1 - ABAP

System Copy Guide for SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Including Enhancement Package 1 - JAVA (ttp://

SAP CRM 7.0 SR1 - Platform Specific Upgrade Guides (ABAP and JAVA)

SAP CRM 7.0 SR1 - Troubleshooting and Administration Guide

Then go to ->Troubleshooting and Administration

Configuration and Support Information for MS Clusters with SAP Netweaver 7.0 systems

Upgrade Guides for CRM Mobile Client and Mobile Server

Then go to ->SAP CRM -> SAP CRM 2005 or -> CRM Mobile (Laptop) or ->CDB Data Upgrade from 4.0 to 5.0

Unicode conversion procedures

Then go to ->SAP's Internationalization Solutions: Unicode

CRM 7.0 Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

Then go to -> SAP CRM 7.0 / NW7.01

(Table: Quick Navigation to top 10 most viewed Product Version)

   What other documentation is available for CRM 7.0?

- SAP CRM 4.0 upgrade to 7.0 Guide for typical upgrade tasks

- Upgrade Guide: SAP CRM Mobile 7.0 SP04

This document describes the procedure for upgrading to SAP CRM Mobile 7.0 SP04. The activities required for the upgrade are described separately for each machine type: Mobile Repository Server, Mobile Development Workstations, Communication Station and Mobile Clients.

General product ("Roll-Out") information

General SAP CRM upgrade information

Release notes

Then go to -> Release Notes for SAP Solutions -> SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)

  • Initial Release Information: Refer to SAP Note 1164246
  • RIN notes assigned to any CRM product version: Refer to SAP Note 543841

Platform (DB/OS) specific information or Platform (DB/OS) specific information

Hardware sizing

SAP Security Guide

Then go to -> SAP CRM Security Guides

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Knowledge Database

SAP CRM WebClient UI Cookbook

Release Knowledge Transfer- WebClient UI

Then go to -> SAP CRM WebClient UI Cookbook

SAP CRM 7.0 Learning Maps for Consulting

Most current SP-Stack information

Additional documentation is also available in your Solution Manager system:

  • Create a new project of type "Upgrade Project" Transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN >Scope>Roadmap Select-> select "SAP CRM 4.0-> SAP CRM 7.0"
  • Call Transaction RMMAIN->press button "Project" and select your newly created upgrade project-> select phase/work package (e.g. Upgrade of Projectinfrastructure)-> Select step in Upgrade Roadmap -> Documents are shown in "Tab Accelerator"

Upgrade Guides for Add-On components:

There are no separate guides for Add-On components. The handling of Add-Ons during upgrade is described in the Upgrade Guide (e.g. see chapter 4.4, 5.5, 5.7, 5.10, 6.19).

Central or "important" Notes for Add-Ons

> CRMIS 400 see Note 748654,767103,743291,748590

> CPRXRPM (CPROJECTS) see Note 427216,853694

> WFMCORE/LCAPPS see Note 830596,847236,1246105,565437

> ST-PI see Note 1228899,539977

> ST-A/PI see Note 1083365,1062188,91488,69455

> PI_BASIS see Note 555060

> WP-PI see Note 632429

> Best Practices (BP) see Note 1348451, 1301301, 1240936

> Other - Please check with producer of Add-On

Please check also File CHECKS.LOG before the upgrade. Information about existing Notes is written in the file during ADDON_INFO (Upgrade Preparation) phase.

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