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For improved usability, the most common buttons should come up with keyboard shortcuts.

The "Save", "New", "Print" and "Cancel" buttons that are framework-generated are now coming up with corresponding keyboard shortcuts, i.e: - '(Ctrl+Q)' for the 'CANCEL' buttons - '(Ctrl+N)' for the 'NEW' buttons - '(Ctrl+P)' for the 'PRINT' buttons - '(Ctrl+S)' for the 'SAVE' buttons.

Those shortcuts will appear in the buttons' tooltips.

If there is more than one button with a given shortcut on a page, the button the "closer" to the focus will get trigered: The scope of the search starts with the focused element, then up one Ajax-Area or Cellerator-Row at the time, until the whole document is searched. First button found within a given scope gets triggered.

If no button is found within the document, the event bubbles up. If a button is found, the event is intercepted, the focus is set upon the button and the button is triggered just like if the user had clicked on it.

The new keyboard shortcuts <Shift>+Down and <Shift>+Up are now available on advanced search pages. This will allow users to navigate through either the Criteria, Operator and Criteria Value directly, as well as cycle from the first to last entry and vice versa.  For instance, if the cursor is currently in a Criteria Value field, <Shift>+Down will move the cursor to the next Criteria value until the last Criteria Value is reached, at which point pressing <Shift>+Down again will set the cursor to the first Criteria Value.


Implement the following SAP Notes to activate this feature:

2165904 Keyboard shortcuts for advanced search pages
2151592 Keyboard shortcuts for buttons found within toolbar "More" buttons
2084861 Keyboard shortcuts for Save, New, Print and Cancel buttons


Interaction: User Personalization Shortcuts (mainly for navigation) have precedence over the new default framework Button Shortcuts. The new framework Button Shortcuts have precedence over the IC Shortcuts.

Limitation: Those shortcuts are only added to the framework buttons of type 'CANCEL', 'NEW', 'PRINT' and 'SAVE'. Look-alike buttons that are not framework buttons or not of those types will not receive those shortcuts. If that happens, the application can always be asked to switch to the corresponding framework buttons.


Most Common Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues:

  • Issue: When a predefined shortcut is pressed, the browser is also reacting to that shortcut. For example, when pressing Ctrl+S to save a view, the system will save the view but also the browser will open the popup to save the webpage.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2227710 - Browser reacts to non-intercepted shortcut to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: The keyboard shortcuts customized in the Personalization do not work if the focus is currently in an input field.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2321834 - Keyboard shortcuts for setting focus do not work to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: Sometimes you can observe that the button shortcuts are not working properly in different languages.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2183102 THTMLB Button shortcut language dependent display to resolve this issue.


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