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This page details the known limitations of the Client-side groupware integration


The application is undergoing continual improvement, however some limitations remain. 


  • Attendee names of CRM appointments will be downloaded as text information in the mail client and not as proper attendees. Attendee names of Outlook appointments are not synchronized at all.

  • If an item with an attachment exists in both SAP CRM and the groupware client, only the names of attachments are compared during the check. If the content of the attachment was modified in Microsoft Outlook or CRM, without changing the name, the ITEM LEVEL CHECK considers the attachments as being the same. The item is not shown in the Conflicts/Confirmations window, and it will not be synchronized in the background.

  • National address layout of a contact present in CRM will not be considered in groupware synchronization. As such, Contact will always have a pre-defined address format.

  • If the sync direction is from Groupware Client to CRM, All day flag is NOT removed. All-day appointments synchronized FROM Lotus Notes or Outlook only work when the Time Zone is the same in the Groupware Client and CRM Web UI.

  • In Microsoft Outlook, public appointments that are made private by right clicking on the appointment in the calendar are not considered for synchronization.

  • If the time zone in SAP CRM and the groupware client is different, task date-time shifts accordingly. This shift may change the start date or due date. But since a task is always scheduled as an all-day event and there is no time factor associated with it, you will only see this date shift.

  • CRM doesn't recognize Area code. After Synchronization of a contact from mail client to CRM, the Area code of the phone number will be displayed as a part of the local number in CRM.

  • If the Date of Birth of a synced Contact is removed in Web UI and the contact is synchronized to outlook, the date value will not be removed in Outlook.

  • Synchronization of notes is limited to textual information. Formatting information or extended signs like hyperlink are not supported.

  • On changing the UI language of Groupware, Outlook should be restarted to reflect the language change in SAP CRM menu options of outlook.

  • CRM Attachment File names and Notes are not displayed in the difference viewer.

  • An all-day appointment created in SAP CRM with a different time zone will be shifted accordingly when synchronized to Lotus Notes. Since there is no time factor associated for an all-day appointment, you will only see the date shift.

  • A change in address of an Account related to an Activity in CRM does not get updated in the Groupware Client Activity's body, unless the Activity is modified.

  • Attachments of size zero bytes are not supported from CRM. Hence we do not support it in the Groupware synchronization.


  • Automatic Synchronization is not supported on a citrix environment.

  • After un-assigning the email address in an Outlook contact, Display As field still holds the email address.

  • Before Client groupware 10.30 SP03 Outlook 2010 & 2013 - 64 bit is not supported.   


  • Windows 8.1 will not available until 10.30 SP03 release.


  • Using Lotus Notes MOBILE mode and ONLINE mode in parallel is not supported as causes duplication issues.

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