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Leads are used to represent a company's change for a new business. A lead is a connection between marketing and sales.

Lead Qualification Overview

The existing data in the lead helps to validate the change for a new business.


Leads can be generated using various channels:

  • Customer: Customer is interested in a new product and contacts the company via homepage or interaction center. A new lead is generated.
  • Interaction Center: Customer is contacted by an IC agent, who generates the lead.
  • Marketing  

Basic Functions

Lead Qualification

The qualification in the lead header is the indicator of the lead quality. Depending on the qualification any follow-up activities such as opportunity creation are performed.

The qualification can either be entered manually or can be automatically filled from an assigned questionnaire. The questionnaire calculates the percentage rate based on the questions and answers rating factors. The percentage rate is mapped to the qualification level in customizing.

In the survey each question has a specific rating factor, and each answer option has a spefic rating.

Those factors calculate the overall rating of the survey.


Once the survey is filled out in the lead document, the questionnaire level (the auto qualification level) is filled according to the survey results. The auto qualification level can not be changed manually but can be overruled by the manual qualification level.

The qualification level is determined based on the Lead Qalification Customizing.


Lead to Opportunity Workflow


For auto generating opportunity from leads SAP provides workflow WS10001011. The workflow can used as a template to create custom workflows. The following will demonstrate the different workflow steps.


The whole workflow can be checked using transaction SWDD.

The workflow is triggered on the saving of the lead document, once the start condition is fullfilled.

For WS10001011 the lead document must be error free and the manual qualification level must be changed to 'hot' (technical ID '03). On saving the lead the workflow is started.


The workflow is depending on the decission of the sales representative maintained in the lead document.

The sales representative has the following options available.

Depending on the decission the lead is copied into an opportunity document, or is declined.


Once the workflow is triggered the current workflow step can be validated using transaction SWI1.


The workflow stops at the user decission step waiting for the sales representatives interaction.

The sales represenative receives the workflow item in the inbox, and can take a decission accordingly.

Once the sales representative declines the lead, the lead status is changed to rejected and the qualification level is changed to 'warm'.

If the sales representative confirms the opportunity creation the same is created, and appears in the workflow inbox as confirmation item.


The opportunity can be accessed from the workitem.


Lead Distribution

Lead settings can be maintained through transaction SPRO

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Transactions
  • Settings for Leads

Then a business partner can be created within an Employee role to link the employee in a particular qualifying lead.


Lead can be distributed to the partners in different ways:

Manually employee selection  by manual assignment basis of distribution

By manual partner determination with partner determination rules


Choose lead from Marketing from work centre menu, click on distribute

Choose the method from the drop down button



Rule-based distribution

Rule-based Lead Distribution, use ERMS (E-Mail Response Management System) to allow automatic distribution of appropriate Employee or Org Unit within a Lead. Rules need to be defined, conditions and actions need to be include in those rules. Conditions apply to the selection of criteria and values to identify the leads. And actions determine the receiver of the lead.


             a. The service manager profile need to be defined for lead distribution through SAP customization

                 - SAP Customizing Implementation

                 -  E-Mail Response Management System

                 -  Define Service Manager Profiles

                 - Service Manager


                 - Define Service Manager Profiles for Lead Distribution

            - Services and properties need to be maintained.



                    b. Lead Distribution Rule Policy with Rules


  To create Lead Distribution click on Marketing, Lead Distribution Rules and Maintain Description


choose Lead distribution from the drop down menu

Select the Draft Rules and choose New to create a new Rule Folder

  In the Rule Folder Details maintain a Name and a Description for the new Folder

  Create a folder and choose New to create a new lead distribution rule.

  Maintain a Name and a Description for the new lead distribution rule

 - Maintain Conditions choose Add Entry to maintain conditions to Determine Document Selection

 - From  Actions choose Add Entry to Determine Receiver

 -  In Policy choose More and Check Draft Rules to validate Rules.

 - Click on  More and Release Draft Rules, to activate the rules of your rule policy



Lead Deduplication or Duplicate Check for Leads


You can use deduplication of leads to identify duplicate leads and merge them with prime leads, which are existing leads that share the same characteristics, such as lead type and prospect ID.


The duplicate lead is then discarded  to reduce the cost and effort of processing them.


Use Case:


  1. The user starts entering a new lead for prospect Ms. Hofman and then clicks on Save.
  2. The system determines that a similar/duplicate lead is already in the system, e.g. based on prospect, timeframe, open status, etc.



  • It informs the user now with a decision message box about the duplicate lead.
  • The user has the choice to merge the new lead to the existing lead (prime lead) or
  • To discard the changes or to have a preview on the found prime lead.


 (lightbulb)Lead deduplication is channel-independent, and can be triggered manually or automatically when saving data.


Lead Deduplication Customizing: SPRO > Customer Relationship Management > Transactions > Settings for Leads > Assign Classes for Deduplication.


Search for duplicates - CL_CRM_DEDUP_SEARCH_LEAD_IMPL
Prime determination - CL_CRM_DEDUP_MERGE_LEAD_IMPL
Merging duplicates - CL_CRM_DEDUP_PRPMRG_LEAD




  • Transaction Category for Lead is BUS2000108




  • Lead Merge: Lead => More => Merge



SAP Business Workflow for Notification of Lead Deduplication


During the lead deduplication process, two leads are merged. After the merge process, one of the leads (prime lead) contains data from both leads, and the other lead (duplicate) is obsolete.


It is necessary to notify persons concerned about this merge process. Instead of a single notification for each prime/duplicate lead pair, a collective notification is created and sent.


Notifications are collected and notification work items are sent once a day (or with another frequency) to each person concerned.


  1. Go to transaction: OOCU > Select Node SAP -> CRM -> CRM-BTX-BF -> CRM-BTX-BF-DUP -> Click on 'Activate event linking'
  2. Click on 'Activate event linking
    1. Activate start event linking for WS17000015

    2. Set attribute “General Task” for task TS17007953 Deduplication notification.


Please follow the Link for Process & Technical Execution 'SAP Business Workflow for Notification of Lead Deduplication'



Lead Qualification


The different qualification levels must be maintained in the following customizing:


Customer Relationship Management


Settings for Leads

Define Lead Qualification Levels  



For enabling the auto lead qualification a survey must be assigned in the survey determination customizing:


Customer Relationship Management


Settings for Leads

Questionnaires for Leads

Define Determination for Questionnaires 


Define Determination Criteria for Questionnaires


The survey percentage rate must then be mapped to the qualification level within the following customizing:

Customer Relationship Management


Settings for Leads

Questionnaires for Leads

Assign Qualification Levels to Questionnaires 


The surveys used for lead qualifications need to be assigned in that customizing, together with the mapping to the lead qualification levels.



Known Issues

Search Issues

Lead Search by Campaign ID not working

After upgrading the system to CRM 7.0 the report CRM_UPDATE_CRMD_BRELVONAE_SEL  is required to enable the search via campaign ID - this is documented in the following note:

1235501 - Start of report CRM_UPDATE_CRMD_BRELVONAE_SEL required

Further known issues are solved with the following notes:


2218105 - Time out when searching order with criteria campaign name/id
1883559 - Dump CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB when searching by campaigns
1791625 - Search order with criteria campaign name/id or account name

Partner Issue with Lead Distribution



There is an issue with partner function customizing blocking the update of the employee responsible. This is described in the following SCN thread:


Lead Distribution Method: Manual Employee Selection


Demo Scenarios


Triggering Follow up Activity Automatically in SAP CRM after 2 Days







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