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In the below wiki I will highlight the importance of outbound plug mappings and linking its parameters to create direct link groups in SAP CRM. The below wiki would help functional consultants to create transaction types in crm web ui which are not visible directly under work centers or work center group in the business roles as per the below two screen shots. For e.x., I need to create a service request template transaction type but I am unable to find the same in the standard service pro business role.


Importance of Outbound Plug Mapping

To resolve the above issue,I navigate to the outbound plug mapping customization which is found under CRM- UI Framework-Technical Role Definition- Define Navigation Bar Profile, I click on the customized navigation bar profile and click on Define Generic Outbound Plug Mapping

I scroll below and find an object type which is mentioned as incident template, on expanding the same I find the description as Service Request Template, hence when checking the object the description also needs to be checked.

I navigate to Define Logical Link in the navigation bar profile customization and create a custom logical link id, since I need to create a service request template I create the target id as TINCTCR, the object type which is found in the outbound plug mapping is linked to the parameter in the logical link id (screen shot attached below)

I next create the custom work center link groups under define work center link groups as per the screen shot below, the group type is selected as create since I need to create my service request template

I click on the custom work center link group which is created above to assign the logical link

I assign the logical link which is created under Define Logical Links.


Next I create a custom based direct link group

I assign the links to the direct link groups

I then click on navigation bar profile and click on assign direct link groups

I assign the direct link group which I have created

I then click on my custom business role  and click on adjust direct link groups

The same is made visible

The direct link group is also made visible

When I log in using the custom business role, the direct link group appears in web ui

When I click on the link the service request template transaction type opens


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  1. Dear Atul, thank you for the very nice Wiki.  It is very much useful.  I dont know how to give points for this useful information since I cant see any option to give points. It deserve highest points.