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The following page shows a quick performance check for BPS planning issues in CRM Marketing Plan Objects. The communication between CRM and BW goes via function UPX_KPI_API_XML. When taking a trace almost 90% of the time is spent in UPX_KPI_API_XML - this is not that meaningfull, therefore the following approach helps to breakdown the UPX_KPI_API_XML calls amongst the various commands.


  1. Activate the logging feature of Planning Services

    In the CRM system, create a new entry for parameter CRM_KPI_LOGGER in the table UPC_DARK2:

  2. Execute the business scenario

    Launch the Web UI, do your planning business, save, and leave the Trade Promotion (or any other planning object like campaign, marketing plan, etc).

  3. Get the results

    In the CRM system launch transaction SLG1, and maintain at least the parameters Object and Subobject and execute


  4. Analyze the results

    System returns the commands for all UPX_KPI_API_XML calls.

    This mini runtime analyzes provides the following details:

  5. Deactivate the logging feature of Planning Services

    After finishing the analzes remove the UPC_DARK2 parameter CRM_KPI_LOGGER again.



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