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Process Overview


This page provides some information about the mass change and mass copy process in trade promotions. In certain business scenarios, such as the mass approval process, it is required to change or copy several trade promotions at once. For trade promotions such a function is available from the trade promotion search view.


The mass change scenario is available for campaigns as well. The process is the same.



In the mass change scenario existing trade promotions can have certain attributes changed.



In the mass copy scenario the trade promotions there are 2 different options. To mass copy several trade promotions with or without any attributes changed. Without changing any attributes the newly created trade promotions are similar to the copied ones.

When using the mass copy function with changing attribues, system first creates a copy of the existing trade promotions and then performs the attribute change.


Technically the mass change and mass copy scenario are designed the same way. I will therefore use the mass change scenario for explaining the process more detailed.


The mass change can be performed in foreground or can be processed in background.

Once background processing is selected, date and time for executing the background job can be selected.

The job is then available in transaction SM37 - and can be analyzed from SM37.




System provides the following attributes for the mass change scenario:

  • ACCOUNT  Planning Account

    Using the ACCOUNT option the account but also the account type can be changed.
  • ACCOUNT_FUND Planning Account With Funds Plan
  • CAUSAL  Causal
  • DATE  Dates The DATE attribute provides a way to either shift the whole trade promotion or set a specific date in the trade promotion.

  • DATE_FUND Dates With Funds Plan
  • EMPRES  Employee Responsible
  • FUND  Funds Plan
  • PRODUCT  Product
  • PRODUCT_FUND Product With Funds Plan
  • STATUS  Status The STATUS attribute retrieves a list of all available status that can be set to the selected trade promotions.

  • TRADERATE Spend Value The TRADERATE attribute allows to set a specific trade spend and / or update the spend value accordingly.


If any change is not working in online mode, it is not working in the mass change scenario either. If there is any trade promotion related error raised in the mass change scenario, the same should also happen when performing the same change manually in online mode.

The available attributes are provided per default but can be disabled in the following customizing:


Customer Relationship Management
Trade Promotion Management
Activate Attributes for Mass Copy and Change


Parallel Processing


With business function CRM_TPM_1 activated the mass change function is enabled for parallel processing. When changing more than 5 trade promotions at once, system now processes all these trade promotions simultaneously, whereas 5 or less trade promotions are processed sequentially.


The settings for parallel processing are to be done in the following customizing:


Customer Relationship Management
Trade Promotion Management
Trade Promotions
Parallel Processing
Define Settings for Parallel Processing

Additionally the number range object FM_ACL_JOB must be maintained in SNRO.

This is documented in the following SAP note:


1582214  Mass Update Fails on Large Record Sets

Without having the number ranges assigned the job is failing and the mass change won't work.


With  BAdI CRM_MKTPL_TPM_JOB_PROCESSING additional settings for parallel processing can be defined or the job settings defined for parallel trade promotion processing can be overwritten. The BAdI is available in the following customizing.


Customer Relationship Management
Trade Promotion Management
Trade Promotions
Parallel Processing
Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)
BAdI: Job Processing Enhancements


The BAdI is not enabled for multiple use, therefore only one active BAdI implementation can exist.


Known Issues


There are some known issues related to the mass change scenario. Those are solved with the following SAP notes:


Product Issues


2045879  Mass change of product returns successful message even if Trade Promotion was not changed

2014160  Adding a product to a Trade Promotion via mass change or the product assignment


Condition and Rebate Issues


1883508  TPM Condition Generation during mass processing

1867183  Conditions not generated during mass processing

1819337  Mass Change Status doesn't generate conditions for all TPM

1761463  Mass change: additional save of the Trade promotion


Date Shift Issues


2377371 - Error with negative date time shift in TPM mass copy/change in months

2144663  Mass Copy or Change a TPM and date time shift in months does not work

1912420  Changing all dates with mass copy or mass change


Date Shift with TS Exceptions


With having the following note implemented the design for date shift for trade promotions with TS exceptions changed:


2076772 - In Trade Promotion, when changing the plan dates, the trade spend exception dates may be changed to an undesirable date


The current design is documented in the following page:


Trade Spend Exceptions


This design influences the mass copy process as well. When using the mass copy function with date shift for trade promotions with having trade spend exceptions and the new date falls outside the exception dates of the source trade promotion the following error is raised:


Exception dates need to fall within the corresponding trade spend dates [CRM_MKTGS_TRADESPEND 077]


This is raised since TS exception dates are not shifted in case the TS exception falls completely outside the new date.


If this is required for the business one of the following solutions (among others) needs to be implemented:


  1. Implement the following note:
    2238850 - Copying Trade activities and shifting the dates doesn't shift the Trade Spend Exception dates
    This enables copying and adjusting of the trade spend exception dates in the mass copy process.
  2. Reject copying of TS exceptions on copying the trade promotion - using BAdI CRM_MKTPL_OL_ASG interface method COPY_BEFORE. In that case no TS exceptions are copied on copying the TP. The copying of TS exceptions can either be rejected for all TS exceptions or only in case of TP date change.
  3. Adjust TS exceptions on copying - using BAdI CRM_MKTPL_OL_ASG interface method COPY_AFTER. This approach can be used to influence the TS exception assignment on copying. The TS exception dates may be shifted according to any business rules after copying the TP in case the TP dates changed.



BPS Planning Issues


2024499  Planning layout contains the old product replaced by mass change

2007156  Planning layout contains the old product replaced by mass change


Campaign Mass Change related Issues


2137644  Mass Change for priority, tactic and objective attributes of campaigns doesn't work if run in background


System Resources Issues


1807935  Success message when mass change operation fails

1792954  Issue msg when Mass Change fails for lack of ressources

1582214  Mass Update Fails on Large Record Sets


General Issues


2190918  Locks are kept after mass change of marketing projects

2038205  Incorrect success message is displayed if BAdI implementation raises error in mass change.

1916291  Mass change or mass copy popup has invalid status behavior


Background Job Issues


Executing the mass change or mass copy in background is no longer working. The job is not released, nor can be released from SM37.


On executing the mass change in background, the job is scheduled using an RFC call to function module SUBST_WRITE_UPGRADE_VARIANT. Due to security reasons the RFC call is now replaced by a call of function module CRM_MKTPL_CREATE_VARIANT. This design change is enabled with the following note:


2327392 - RFC enablement of function module SUBST_WRITE_UPGRADE_VARIANT was removed

2476756 - During accrul run, message "Thread number * could not be started. Results maybe incomplete" appears

2557192 - Parallel mass update of promotions not possible



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