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General Information


Member activities are all activities or events performed by a member with reference to a loyalty program. Member activities are processed against the reward rules defined in the loyalty program.


Members earn points whenever they undertake certain member activities, such as completing a flight or purchasing certain products. They can redeem the earned points to receive benefits, services, or products. Member activities are also used to evaluate memberships for potential change in tier levels.


The following shows a sample membership, with having a certain tier level and the point account with having different point types. The sample membership is created for a loyalty program created from an airline.

This membership is used to show different member activities that are created against the membership.


Membership Categories


There are certain categories of member activity categories and types.


Earning Potential


Member activites from category 'earning potential' include member activities for earning points or miles. Those MAs usually update the members point account.

The member of an airline loyalty program books a flight enabled for bonus miles. When taking the flight a member activity is created so the member earns the bonus miles. 




Member activites from category 'consumption' include member activities for redeeming points or miles. The member activites are created once the member redeems any points or products to purchase any product.

The member uses the 1000 miles to buy another flight.


Tier Management


Member activities from category 'Tier Management' control the tier levels available in the loyalty program. Those can validate the current tier level of the member but also change, upgrade or downgrade the tier level.

This member activity upgrades the members tier level from 'basic flier' to 'frequent flier'.




Member activities from category 'Benefits' handle the usage of benefits in the loyalty program. Those can add, consume or remove benefits in the membership.

The member accesses the airline VIP Lounge, the number of usages in the benefit is reduced accordingly.


Creation of Member Activites


Member activities can be created manually. From the WEB UI the member activity type needs to be selected first.

From entering the membership ID the member ID and the loyalty program is determined.

The membership needs to be error free in order to be processed properly. Any mandatory fields for a certain member activity type are defined in customizing with the following customizing path:


SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
Customer Relationship Management
Loyalty Management
Member Activities
Define Member Activity Categories and Types


The fields in the member activity are validated against the fields defined in customizing.

Once all all mandatory data is entered, the member activity is saved error free. Only if the MA is error free the same can be executed.


Alternativey Member activities are auto generated from different integration scenarios (sales order integration, complaints integration) or can be imported from third party systems. For the import scenario SAP provides the API CRM_LOY_MA_CREATE_API.


Execution of Member Activities


Member activites are executed against the rules defined in the loyalty program.


Member activities can be executed manually. This is available only if the MA has the status 'Created', 'Failed' and 'To be Processed'.

Usually member activities get processed in batch mode. The report RLOY_ENGINE_SCHEDULE needs to be scheduled in background. The report picks up all member activities with status 'Ready for Batch Processing', hence the status needs to be set in the MA.

Once the report  RLOY_ENGINE_SCHEDULE is scheduled for a certain loyalty program all relevant member activities are processed.


Known Issues


Mandatory Fields in Member Activities


Member activities may have some mandatory fields defined in customizing. On editing and saving the member activity the a check on the mandatory fields is executed. In case any mandatory field is not filled an error is raised. The member activity is saved, but gets saved with status 'contains error'. To prevent saving the BAdI LOY_MA_SPECATTR_VALID interface method CHECK_BEFORE_SAVE needs to be implemented.


There are some known issues related to the mandatory field check, solved with the following notes:


2313021 - Mandatory fields in member activity in loyalty
2201546 - Error messages not cleared for missing fields in Member Activity
2090862 - Missing clear of buffer entry - sequential call
2070713 - Mass update of member activities failed





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