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General Information




A membership links the members to a certain loyalty program. Membership represent the participation of an individual account in a loyalty program. A member can be assigned to various loyalty programs - single membership exists for each participation to a program, independent from each other.


The membership is also linked to the point account that holds the loyalty points / miles for the membership.


On membership creation the loyalty program and the member have to be specified - the membership is generated as standard membership per default.

Membership types


There are the following membership types existing.


Standard Membership


A standard membership is a personal membership with a single member. For each standard membership there is exaclty one point account existing for managing the earned and redeemed points. 


Shared Account Membership


In a shared account membership multiple members share the same point account, basically it is multiple memberships that share the point account.

Each member has own membership with all individual attributes, qualifying points, tiers, member activities but the members share the non-qualifying points.


Create Shared Account Membership


The shared account membership is created by merging 2 standard memberships.

Both standard memberships are converted into shared account memberships.

The shared account memberships share the same poing account.

Alternatively a shared account membership can also be created from an organization membership.

Group Membership


In a group membership multiple members are assigned to the same membership. They share their non-qualifying points, qualifying points, tiers, etc.

A valid scenario for a group membership is when having memberships for family members.


The group membership shows the assigned members, whereas only one member is flagged as main member.


Creating a Group Membership


The shared account membership is created by merging 2 standard memberships.

The result of the merge is the creation of a new membership from type group membership.

The merged standard memberships are invalidated with getting the status expired. The members now use the same membership.


Anonymous Memberships


An anonymous membership is a membership that gets created without having any information about the member yet. The anonymous membership is created when a temporary card is used for the first time within a member activity.  

When the member registers for the first time, the anonymous membership then is converted to a standard membership.

Creating Anonymous Memberships

 An anonymous membership is triggered from using a temporary card. To be able to create the anonymous membership the temporary card IDs need to be generated for the loyalty program. The card IDs are generated with executing report RLOY_CRD_ATC_GENERATE .

The temporary card IDs are added to the loyalty program as an attachment.

The external card can then be used within a member activity.

Entering the external card ID determines the loyalty program where the card was created for and creates the anonymous membership.

The anonymous membership is created without having a member assigned.

On entering a member the anonymous membership is converted into a standard membership.


Organization memberships 


An organization membership is a membership created on organizational level. This is no real membership since no member activities can be created against the organization membership, but this kind of a parent membership for individual memberships. The organization membership acts as an umbrella for indidual memberships.


The organization membership can have organization membership agreements. The agreements hold some initial tier levels or some benefits that are assigned to the individual memberships on creation.

Once the individual membership gets created the details from the organization membership agreement are inherited to the individual membership.

Create Memberships from Organization Membership


When creating a membership, the organization membership is determined based on the loyalty program and the organization.

Based on the organization membership the individual memberships can either be created as standard memberships or shared account memberships.

This either creates standard memberships, with having an own point account.

Or creates shared account memberships using the point account from the organization membership.


Known Issues




There are 2 possible reasons for the short dump:


Program Error: This issue is either solved with the following note:


1908355 - Dump occurs when trying to extract Loyalty memberships using Data Source 0CRM_LOY_MSH - Duplicate entry


Database inconsistences: When having a group membership with having multiple main partners a dump may occure.  A group membership must only have 1 main partner. Such memberships can be identified with the report ZRLOY_FIND_ERROR_SHAMEM.






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