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Reason for Development

The current upload capabilities as used in different scenarios, such as the Attachments for CRM Business Objects or the IC Email Attachment, are very limited. Files can only be uploaded one by one and the user has to use the window explorer in order to find the file to upload.


This new feature greatly improves the user productivity. The user can now easily drag and drop multiple files on the UI in order to upload them all at once.


With the development of this feature, The UI Framework would now be able to support the upload of multiple files as well as the upload of files via drag and drop. 

The thtmlb:fileUpload BSP Tag has been enhanced to support multiple files and to offer a custom drop area where files can dragged. Those enhancements have been implemented in both the Attachments for CRM Business Objects and the IC Email Attachment scenarios in order to allow the user to easily drag and drop files on the UI and upload them.

The different enhancements have been delivered in separate SAP Notes. Please refer to the following SAP Note details to learn more on its validity, requirements and manual activities:

SAP Note 2070206 - Multi file upload ; Introduces the support multiple files upload on the thtmlb:fileUpload BSP Tag

SAP Note 2106969 - Multi file upload via drag and drop ; Introduces the support of Drag and Drop for uploading files on the thtmlb:fileUpload BSP Tag

SAP Note 2070880 - Multi file upload feature ; Adds the ability to upload multiple files to the Attachment Assignment Block

SAP Note 2113134 - Uploading multiple e-mail attachments ; Adds the ability to upload multiple files to the IC E-Mail Attachment

SAP Note 2127681 - Drag and Drop for attachments of e-mails in the IC ; Adds the ability to drag and drop files to the IC E-Mail Attachment

SAP Note 2161423 - Drag and drop functionality in content management ; Adds the ability to drag and drop files to the Attachment Assignment Block

SAP Note 2296699 - Multiple Files upload and Drag & Drop of Multiple Attachments; Adds the ability to upload mutiples files as well as uplaod files via drag and drop in One 2 One Email Integration for non IC business role.


Important Note:

Dragging and dropping attachments from MS Outlook to the Attachment Assignment Block is not supported. This is because HTML5 FileAPI file input does not support dragging and dropping from Outlook. Please refer to the link for more details.

Most Common Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues:

  • Issue: It is still not possible to do a multi select or drag & drop multiple documents, even though SAP Notes 2070206 and 2070880 have been implemented.
    Resolution: Please refer to SAP KBA 2126030 - Multi Upload Feature is not working.

  • Issue: On dragging and dropping the files from local disk to the drop area in attachment assignment block the document gets uploaded. If the upload button is clicked again the same document will get attached again to content management.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2184777 - Issue with Drag and Drop and Multiple attachment.

  • Issue: On clicking attachment assignment block in transactions which allow only single doc mode attachments it is still possible to create multiple attachment using multiple file upload.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2197131 - Multi file upload and single doc mode. 


  • Issue: After dragging and dropping a file on the WEBUI, the content of your browser window has been replaced by the content of the file.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2170956 - Prevent Drag and Drop or Files on the WEBUI.


  • Issue: When the element containing the drop area was growing, the drop area itself was not resized accordingly.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2220300  - File Upload Drag and Drop area resizing issue.


  • Issue: Unable to drag and drop text within or in between UI elements. The issue happens after visiting a page with a File Upload tag rendered and the drag and drop of files onto the UI window feature enabled. 
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2304978 - Cannot drag and drop text within or in between UI elements after File upload tag is rendered.



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