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CRM-BTX-OPP Note 2385166 Exception is raised when switching to the archived search for opportunities
CRM-MD-TM     Note 2392158 Different Territory Relationships calculation (PROC_REL vs. BRF+ Engine)
CRM-BTX-ACT Note 2397587 Incorrect buttons in open Email when opening from forward breadcrumb button

CRM-BF-PD     Note 2420377   Partners not getting redetermined in a new document after copying a document


New CRM Sales functionalities :


CRM-BTX  2268752Possibility to select attachments to add in a follow up mail                                                                                                                    
CRM-BTX2303384Open original document in a new window when creating a follow up 
CRM-BF-PD2351045Creating custom partner function field on transaction header 
CRM-BTX-BF-TA2272867Transaction History Treeview format 
CRM-BTX-SLO2292067Number of Main Items of the sales order available
CRM-BTX-ACT2272285Home page open tasks filter on process type 
CRM-BTX-ACT2340204Possibility to delete activities directly in the calendar
CRM-BTX2337795Text Icon in Business Transaction search Applications 
CRM-BTX-ACT2266430 Search Activities: Categories List linked to Process type selected.
CRM-BTX2303372Adding navigation to Attachment assignment block in search results 
CRM-BTX2316507 Adding navigation to "Attachment" assignment block in search results for service transactions. 
CRM-BTX2279960Result lists show more results than allowed 
CRM-BTX-BF-TA2364053Further Statuses dropdown not present in CRM UI.
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