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The purpose of this page is to explain the technical reason behind the reported behaviour, which is SAP standard. Users have wondered why would they care to fix the error if all they want is

to delete the erroneous entry.


In-case user wants to change the behaviour, it could be achieved by overwriting the existing setter method of the Quantity field.

Allowing deletion if wrong value for quantity entered. However, this means if wrong value for quantity is entered it will be saved, this could lead to serious business issues. In the end this is SAP standard behavior, you can't delete an entry unless you first correct the error.

Technical Reasoning

Until the error is corrected deletion of the items will not be possible .

Whenever any value is entered in the quantity for an item, Class: CL_CRM_UIU_BT_ITEMEOV_CN   

Method : SET_QUANTITY is called, a conversion is performed to the number ,if the conversion fails an exception is raised

Because an exception is raised when we try to delete the items, the entries will not be deleted till the error is corrected.

The event handler associated with delete does not get called till the errors are corrected.

Screen Shot

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