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Reason for Development

Despite the existing sorting and filtering functionalities, when there are many entries in a table, it can take quite some time to find what you are looking for. Users have requested a field where they can type in a value to filter across all the fields in a table in order to pinpoint specific records quickly and efficiently.


With the development of this future, filtering across all the fields in the table is more intuitive and efficient. The omnifilter input field is displayed at the right top corner of the table. The omnifilter for the table serves a dual purpose; as a user types in the omnifilter input field which is case insensitive, matching cells will be highlighted which makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for.;  once <Enter> is pressed, the table will be filtered across all fields and the table will display only the entries, which include the specified value. The users do not have to scan through the entire table anymore.

This feature was introduced via SAP Note 2322719 - Omnifilter for the Table

And it is included in the following service packs:

  • WEBUI 731 SP18
  • WEBUI 747 SP13
  • WEBUI 748 SP05

Disabling the omnifilter

Application developers can disable the omnifilter for the table via the omnifilter parameter on the tag level (be it for the tableView, configTable, cellerator, configCellerator, tree, or configTree tags).  The valid values for the omnifilter parameter are AUTO (Omnifilter is disabled if column filtering is disabled for all columns), TRUE (Omnifilter is enabled) and FALSE (Omnifilter is disabled). This parameter is set to AUTO by default.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to disable the omnifilter:

          <chtmlb:configCellerator id                    = "<%= controller->gc_table_id %>"
                                  selectedRowIndexTable = "<%= BRCSEARCHRESULT->SELECTION_TAB %>"
                                  selectionMode         = "<%= CL_THTMLB_CELLERATOR=>GC_SELECTION_MODE_MULTI %>"
                                  table                 = "//BRCSEARCHRESULT/Table"
                                  actions               = "<%= controller->gt_button %>"
                                  actionsMaxInRow       = "5"
                                  usage                 = "SEARCHRESULT"
                                  visibleFirstRow       = "<%= BRCSEARCHRESULT->VISIBLE_FIRST_ROW_INDEX %>"
                                  visibleRowCount       = "10"
                                  showEmptyTableText    = "FALSE"
                                  omnifilter            = "FALSE"
                                  downloadToExcel       = "X"
                                  width                 = "100%" />

Most Common Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues:

  • Issue: Sporadic javascript errors regarding the variable omnitable; The omnifilter input field not appearing; The omnifilter input field not responding to user input.
    Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2366883 - Omnifilter corrections to resolve this issue.