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Opening an URL through pop-up from WEB UI of CRM 2007

I wanted to write this blog to avoid the difficulties; I have faced during my initial transition to CRM 2007. This will have two parts. Part I, deals with creation of new component and part II deals with enhancement of the existing component and bringing the created component as the pop up.

Part I: Creation of the custom component.

The component can be created in the BSP component work bench. The transaction is *BSP_WD_CMPWB.  *The component creation consists of two parts, design of the component structure and assigning of the components to the runtime repository.

Enter the component name needs to be created and press create button the component work bench.
Description and window name will appear, change the description if necessary. It will ask for the package, for test purpose, the package is assigned to $TMP. This can be assigned to any development package also.

The work bench will create lot of classes on it own. Please press enter until you reach the below screen. Now a custom component was created. To call the URL or to display any output, views need to be created. Right click at the views and select create to create a new view.
The following wizard will appear. Press continue button

Enter the name of the view and press the continue button.

In this case, there is no need of any model node, value node etc. Press continue until you get the below screen. Now a view OpenURL is created, which will be used to open the URL or to display any data. Double click on the OpenURL.htm under the view layout and write the code as given in the screen shot; here the URL is called.

The design part of the new component is complete. The created component should be assigned to the runtime repository. Click the Runtime Repository Editor on the left panel of the component and then click the edit button.

The created window should be added as an interface view to the runtime repository. Right click the component interface and click the Add interface view. The below screen appears. Select the window using the F4 help.

The created view should be added to the window in the runtime repository. Right click the windows component and select the Add view.
Select the view using the f4 help and save the runtime repository.


The component is created and is ready to test. Press F8 or click the test button on the application tool bar. Now the URL should be appearing as the output in the frame.

In the next part, we will go through the enhancement of an existing component and including this component as the popup.

The second part is now available as Calling Custom component as popup from a standard component in CRM WEB UI - Part 2


  1. Hi,

    good tutorial!
    I implemented such a component some time ago. One thing I did different is that I am not using an IFRAME on the HTML page.
    What I did is:

    In the view controller redefine the DO_REQUEST() method and insert the following coding:
    runtime->server->response->redirect( url = '' ).
    navigation->response_complete( ).

    Works fine as well.

    Maybe you can give me some hint and point out, how to get rid of the WebClient Framework in the PopUp?  What I mean: Using your PopUp I can view, for instance, When I try a right mouse click it does not work inside the PopUp. The normal does not have this limitation.

    cheers Carsten 

  2. Guest


    I have gone through whole the document and it is great helpful to me. Thank you very much.  Can I get the second part of this document please.



  3. Guest

    I could not find the next part of this, for enhancing the standard component that calls your custom component. Can you please let me know ?