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SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Partner Processing -> Partner determination Procedure
When field 'Block Determination' is checked on, there is no partner determination executed.

When field 'Log' is checked on, system will keep a log with partner determination processes. The log could be checked in GUI with CRMD_ORDER, only available when creating new transactions. It is not available in WEBUI yet.

The 'Permitted Funtions' controls the handling of partner functions that are not included in the partner determination procedure.

Procedure User

Defines which business categories can use the parner determination procedure.

Partner Functions in Procedure


If 'Block Enter in Interface' is checked on, system does not allow adding the partner function manually.

If 'Changeable' is checked on, end uder can edit/change the determined parnter function.

The 'No. of Occurences' defines how may partners can be entered for the partner function.

The 'Address' section defines whether you can change a partner's address in transactions, and when a partner has more than one address, which address is used.

The 'Partner Determination' section defines which access sequence should be used to determine the partner automatically, the time when the determination takes place.

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