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The purpose of this article is to let the customers/partners know about the pre-requisites required by the CRM Framework support engineers before an incident is raised. This will enable the engineers to avoid the Ping-Pong between customers as well as to different components. It will enable us to provide a faster resolution to the incidents reported. 


This article provides a detailed list of information required by SAP Support Engineer for SAP CRM Framework before an incident is raised.

Information Required

In order to quickly review an issue in SAP CRM Framework the following information is required by support.

  1. A detailed description of the issue encountered by you. Please include screenshots if possible.


  2. Test if the problem is reproducible when you switch off the customer enhancements or configuration by help of user parameter "WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT" as explained in SAP Note 1311966   - Switching off customer enhancements for symptom analysis?
    This can quickly determine if the root cause of an issue is caused by customer enhancements/ customizing or standard SAP delivery.


  3. Test if the issue reported by you occurs only in Production System or it occurs in non-production system as well?
      • If the issue occurs in non-production system, please ensure that the R/3 and HTTP connections are maintained in the Service Connections for that system and the connections to it are opened.

      • If the issue occurs only in your Production System, kindly provide us the consent to login into your Production System and ensure that R/3 and HTTP connections are opened.

      • Please ensure that the user credentials are maintained correctly in the secure area for the system in which the issue has been encountered.

      • Also ensure, relevant authorizations have been provided to transactions such as CRM_UI, BSP_WD_CMPWB, SE24, SE80, SPRO etc.


  4. Test if the issue is replicable only with one particular Business Role or with multiple business Roles? Also, please let us know if the issue encountered by you is replicable with Standard SAP Business Roles as well.


  5. Test is the issue replicable for different applications or only for one particular application? If the issue occurs only for one particular application, there are high chances of it being an application issue, rather than being a Framework issue. Kindly report such issues in application component first.


  6. Provide us with the browsers and the versions of it used by you to replicate the issue. This will help us determine if the issue is browser/ browser version independent or not.


  7. For all issues related to BW system/BI reports ensure all the pre-requisites are met as mentioned in SAP KBA 1892887 - Prerequisites for CRM+BW integration and/or reporting issues.


  8. For all Portal issues, provide us the Portal Link along with the Admin Role & Path. Also let us know if the issue occurs only when CRM is accessed through Portal or the issue occurs in Standalone CRM system as well.


  9. For all Transaction launcher issues, test if the issue occurs in Standalone ITS system as well. You can determine the same by referring to the steps maintained in SAP KBA 1877395-Transaction launcher trouble shooting and how to identify if the problem is related to ITS or Transaction Launcher itself.

    1. If the issue is replicable in Standalone ITS system as well, please raise an incident under the component BC-FES-ITS.

    2. If the issue is replicable only when transaction is launched through CRM system, ensure to provide us with the following :

      1. Transaction Type

      2. Transaction ID

      3. HTTP Trace

      4. If an ERP transaction is called, ensure the R/3 and HTTP connections to the ERP system is open.


  10. For all UI related issues such as Alignment of Search Fields or Icon Missing, test if the issue occurs only for one SKIN or multiple Skins


  11. For all issues wherein you encounter a blank screen, provide us with an HTTP trace. Please ensure that you save and attach the trace as .HWL extension.


  12. Lastly, please provide us the WEBCUIF release information of your system.

    You can determine the same by following the steps mentioned below:

    • Go the Backend of the relevant CRM system and select System -> Status.

    • In the pop up select the magnifying glass icon for Component Information.

    • Scroll to WEBCUIF.

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