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For online help on pricing have a look at the SAP help portal:

Help Portal - Pricing


FAQ and Consulting Notes:

Note Number


880749 Patching of VMC based AP 7.00 engines
930870 (Re)determination and (re)valuation of conditions


Price Calculation Trace


FAQ: PR: Pricing determination in CRM


Pricing called unnecessarily after document change

1968594The condition is marked as active if the value is zero
1514426 Calculation Pricing Trace for Condition Exclusions
1506283 Pricing Calculation Trace for Currency Conversion
1490666Calculation Pricing Trace for Scales
1487164Calculation Pricing Trace for User Exits
  Other recent pricing notes
1968594 The condition is marked as active if the value is zero
2034455The error "Mandatory condition is missing" is not thrown when a mandatory condition is not entered or determined
2036468Prc_messages_ext 099 'Null pointer dereference'
2048828 Header net value does not equal to sum of items
2104205 Pricing errors , Pricing for an item is executed with wrong pricing attributes.
2127223 Error Enter a currency in Sales order after account merging
2264262 Dump when creating provider contract
2274232 Pricing amounts not getting updated
2269064 Pricing conditions not updated after adding manual condition
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